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Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Looking for Jacksonville, FL Bloggers

Okay my Southern girls, I'm calling ya'll out, but only in a nice way.  I'm looking for bloggers in the Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas.

Why might you ask?  Well, I've been blogging for sometime but I haven't really connected, non-virtually, with anyone in my area.  I have a ton of blogging questions and hopefully some tips and answers too that I think we could all benefit from.  Wouldn't it be nice to get together every so often and connect, share and laugh?  I think so.  I'd also like to find a mentor for myself.  I'm thinking of looking for someone to help me overhaul my blog design and would love it to be someone locally that I could work with on a closer basis. 

Has anyone else done this in their area?  How did it work for ya'll?  Do you meet every two weeks or once a month?  I would love to know more about you experiences.  Give me a shout out and let me know.  I'd like to feature your story on my blog.  I can't wait to hear from you!

Hugs...Tracy :)


  1. Hi Tracy:
    Wish you and I lived closer together. We'd be trouble for sure! Hope you find a whole pod of blogging girlfriends in your area. It would be great getting together with them. Be sure to share updates!

  2. I'm a blogger in St Augustine. :)

  3. Tracy,
    I see that these posts were from over a year ago but if this message still reaches you, I would like to ask if and how you were able to find local bloggers in the Jacksonville area. I am trying to gather a group of bloggers who can help me with my new online project that utilizes digital media to stimulate an unbiased dialogue with factual, relevant information, to combine the lure of aesthetic beauty with the intelletual. It will be an online community for women to gain intellegent, factual information and also get great style, fashion articles, blogs and photography.

    I want to network in my community to gain the minds of creative, witty and intellectual women to help me with this project. Please, let me know if you have any advice with finding bloggers in Jacksonville and if you would be interested in learning more and helping me with this project. Thank you for your time and Happy New Year!