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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Sympathy Card for Twin Babies with Cricut

It's hard to know what to say when a baby passes.
I made this card a few days ago for my sweet friend Cindy.  Her precious twin granddaughters were stillborn and laid to rest this past weekend.  Please remember to say a prayer for Cindy and her family.  She has a strong faith in our Lord, but even then, tough times like this take so much out of you.

I decide to use the tree border from my Cricut Cindy Lou cartridge.  I used pink paper to represent the girls and the tree to represent the family.  The two raised hearts are for the sweet babies who will always be side by side.
I lined the inside of the card with little rose bud paper that reminds me of a flannel baby blanket.  It's accented with pink ribbon and a layered message.
It's a simple card but I hope the meaning behind it shows through. 

You can visit Cindy @ Blessings From Cindy.  I know that she would love to hear from others and to know others are thinking about her.

Thank  you all for visiting.  I love each and every one of you.  You comments mean so much to me.  Ya'll know how that lovin' blog feelin' goes.  It kinda makes your heart sing.

P.S.  I've been told that some people are having trouble leaving comments on my blog.  It this is happening to you, I would love to hear from you and hear what you might think the problem is or what happened when you tried but couldn't leave me a comment.

Have a blessed day ya'll....Tracy ♥


  1. No trouble for me leaving a comment but on some I do!!!! I end up leaving without a word. :(

    Now friend...this is the MOST precious card. Truly beautiful. I'm incredibly sad for your friends loss and I pray for the family as I write. Safe in the arms of the Father means they are not hear on earth and that must be the most devastating of all experiences...

    You are a beautiful, loving friend. I'm sure they will all feel your love...

    Love, Rebecca

  2. This card you made Tracy is so beautiful! Down to every last detail. I will say a prayer for your friend and for their family. What a devestating time for them.
    Take care,

  3. Tracy, that is a beautiful card. I know Cindy will appreciate is so. I will definitely Pray for Cindy and her family.

  4. The card is precious, Tracy.
    Here is some info that may help you regading comments. I have shared this with three other bloggers and it has worked for all of them.

    Getting Fewer Comments? Font look odd on comments? The solution...
    Recently, I discovered that I was unable to leave comments on some blogs. I went to the Blogger help forum, where I was able to figure out what the problem was.

    If a person has their comments set to be embedded below the post, this can cause a couple of issues to arise. One is that sometimes others cannot leave a comment. The second issue is that for some, the font on the comments looks odd.

    If you've noticed your font changed, and you didn't do something to make it change (in the comment area), and/or if people email you, telling you they tried to leave a comment but were unable, try this:

    Go to your Blogger dashboard. Choose Settings. Choose Comments. You'll notice an area that is titled Comment Form Placement. If you have selected Embedded below post, change it to either Full page, or Pop up window. Voila! This worked for three bloggers whose blogs I previously was unable to comment on.

    Good luck, Tracy!
    Hugs, Beth

  5. Tracy- I can't imagine what your friend is going through - but your card is simply beautiful.

    You visited my blog earlier today and I just wanted to let you know that I came over to "see" you - I'll be back often!

    God bless you and your friend!
    Hugs -

  6. Tracy~
    I received your beautiful card today and it is even more precious in person. It brought tears to my eyes and I so appreciate the thought behind each layer you so wonderfully & lovingly put together. I will cherish it with a few other keepsakes I have in our grand~daughters' memory. Thank you so much for the special card and your many prayers. Thank you also to those who left messages here for us. I can't imagine going through this without the faith that we will see our precious twin grand~daughters, Emma and Myla in heaven someday. Thanks be to Jesus for His Gift of eternal life. Thank you dear friend...

  7. im not having problems on your blog posting but am on Julies,,Don't know why,,My mom lost 2 sets of twin boys a year apart ,stillborn,,one set was full term and the other was at 5 months,,it was a horrible time for her,,she had waited 10 yrs before she had my sister and I then had the two back to back twin boys deaths,,,finally after 3 yrs they tried again and got my little brother,,who needless to say was spoiled rotten and totally doted on by everyone