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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do I Consider Myself Lucky? A Win For Me - A Giveaway For You

Heck yeah!  But I work at it too.

Jen over at The Mom Reviews had a giveaway.  Well no surprise there, she always has giveaways.  That's what she's about, reviews and giveaways and being a nice person in general.  She has some of the best giveaways to be found.  Oops....I digress.

Back to the story.  I was the lucky winner of a recent giveaway for a set of Easeamine skin care set.  The Easeamine Skin Care Collection includes, CleanserRevitalizing TonerDay Crème, Night Crème and Eye Creme,  and is now available for purchase at www. Easeamine.com.
Is that an awesome set or what?  I'm going on 51 next month and I've been on a thing about my skin, clothing and overall look in general.  This is like getting an early birthday present.  Thank you Jen and Easeamine!!!

Easeamine Skin Care Collection, the first over-the-counter, anti-aging skin care line that increases the production of collagen and elastin through its patented Adenosine formula. Developed by renowned cardiovascular research scientist Dr. James G. Dobson, Jr., Ph.D, Easeamine is the only skin care line in the market that uses the patented Adenosine Skin Technology formula.
It's even beautifully packaged.  I'm looking so forward to pampering myself with it.

Back to being lucky.  It is partial luck with a little persistence. I don't win anymore then anyone else if you look at it from the right perspective.  I try to enter at least a few giveaways a day.  I hate to jump through hoops just like everyone else but I know that the more hoops or extra entry opportunities there are on each giveaway, the more chances I have to win.  If it's something that I'd really like I'll do as many of the entries as I can.  I don't win everything I want.  It's just a matter of odds.  The more I enter the better the chance.  So each day I have chances at winning something.  So get out there enter a few and you'll find out it's fun too.

And by the way...there are lots of wins that I haven't gotten around to sharing with you but I want to and I will.

Good Luck Y'all,



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  1. Ooo, couldn't we all use some good stuff for the face? Have a great day!
    Heidi @Show Some Decor