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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

9 to 96 They Just Can't Stop Helping Others - So Inspiring!

 Meet Julia Wallace, A pint-sized advocate for homeless animals.
 I read this in our local newspaper in Jacksonville and wanted to sharing these inspiring stories with you.  It's 2 heart warming stories of local "girls" who show us that you're never to young or too old to start giving.

Julia, is almost 9.  She saw the commercials for the animal shelters and was touched by the poor animals who were without homes and families to call their own.  She didn't just feel sorry for them she went to work to help them.  She decided to gather supplies for the Jacksonville Human Society.  She told her mother animals can't help themselves.  She said "They don't have hands or fingers.  They don't have keys to let themselves out of the cages."  She pitched the idea to Brownie Troop 111 but her idea came in 3rd place.  She was only 7 and though they didn't want to help she knew she still did.  After that, she told her mom about her plan and aked her if she would help.  She said no........(read the rest here).

Now lets go to the other end of the age spectrum.  I'd like to introduce you to Loyce Doering, who's 96, and helping others is a way of life she can't stop. 
Not only does this 96 year old dynamo volunteer, but she can also be seen on her riding lawnmower trimming her neighbor's land along the banks of the Cedar River, or making soup for an ill friend.  You just can't slow Loyce down, she wears me out just thinking about all she does.   She recetly bought herself a new car and drives everywhere.  She proudly announces that she has renewed her driver's license to age 100.  (read more about Loyce here).

I  hope y'all enjoy these inspiring "girls" stories as much as I did.  That should kick me off my butt and get me going.

Make it a great day, it's only here once. Hugs...Tracy :)


  1. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for the stories. I always love reading about the good in people.....we need so much more! Have a lovely day.


  2. God Bless all that volunteer, I agree with the above post so much, I love to hear about things like this, you don't hear it often enough! Blessings!

  3. How great are these gals! Thank you for the inspiration now if only our nightly news feature just one of these fabulous people instead of all the crap...
    Thanks for your support on my challenge and I hear you... I love the sweets! Basically I eat pretty healthy but I do like baked goods. So this is a challenge no doubt about it... but I am woman, hear me roar lol I can do this! I want to be like this 96 year old and have her energy when I get old!!! So I am not that far away, I better start now.