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Saturday, February 26, 2011

One Persons Trash Is My Treasure

I never have understood how someone couldn't see the beauty in these old cards.  Vintage pictures and such are a favorite of mine.  I can see how everybody might not get the 'old shabby chipped look' that I find endearing and comfortable but these colorful pages?  How can you not love them?  You just can't find cards with this kind of feel, as in the style of the art, the brilliance of the colors, anymore.  
When my next door neighbor Miss Mary passed away and they cleaned out her house earlier this year, tons and tons of stuff when out to the roadside and there I was going through the trash.  I'm hopeless.  I wouldn't have dare done this 20 years ago.  But the dive is worth the treasure. 
This was a small sampling of  what I found.  It's such a shame it wasn't taken care of better.  Miss Mary not only raised her own family in this home but it was also the home she grew up in.  And she seemed to keep everything.  
I wish I could say that I'd gotten to know her better.  I can only imagine the stories she might have had to tell.  I'm pretty sure she led a Southern debutantes life.  
I've got an upcoming giveaway this week so come back to hear more and enter it.  Oh' shoot, just come on back cause I just like to have you visit.  I've still got more giveaway wins to show you too.

What's going on with you this weekend?  I'd love to hear about it.
Miles of smiles or should it be smiles across the miles to y'all!!!!
XXX's...Tracy :)


  1. Oooh lovely finds Tracy, I love the baby record book, how could anyone bear to part with it??
    Hope you're doing well and that your MiL is keeping well too.
    Much love and hugs as ever.
    Em xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Tracy - It warms my heart to find someone else that loves these old card and other memorabilia. I have been collecting cards like the ones you have posted since I was a child, I am now 50 soon to be 51. I have all the cards that my Grandma sent me as a child and she live to be almost 101. I only wish I had saved all of the beautiful hankies that she had included in the cards. Thank you so much for sharing.


  3. What sweet little treasures Tracy! Yep, cards today just don' have the same charm.

  4. Hi Tracy,
    Hope all is well in your family. We just ended our last hockey game of the regular season. I am sad, but we are done!!! For a month or so anyway... We got more snow this weekend. And you talk about 80 degree weather. We won't see that until July, sigh... You enjoy it for all of us who still have two feet of snow on the ground!
    Take care,
    PS- I love all your treasures. And heck yeah, I am so glad you rescued them all! And I would venture a guess that the family did also!