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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have I Found My Balance?

Before you read my post I wanted to update you on my MIL's condition.  Her leg is healing very well.  The Dr. is really pleased.  Glory to God!  But unfortunately, she went back to the hospital again today.  She has pneumonia in both lungs now.  There was no sign of it until today.  I went to the hospital this evening but she never woke up while I was there. We would so much appreciate your prayers once more.
Ignore them...they're just stuck-up

I looked out the window and what should I see, but 4 birds separated by a tree.  

I love this photo.  The two birds on right came out of the water to make friends, I guess.  One looks like he's saying "what's up with them"?  And of course I picture the taller one saying something like "Oh' just ignore them, I've been here for 20 minutes and they haven't said a thing."

Poor birds.  They don't know the other two on the left of the tree are metal.  I still laugh when I look at that photo.  Which brings me to my title of this post......

Have I found my balance?  I decided that Balance was going to be my word of choice for this year, you can see that post here.  So have I?  Have I found my balance?  Well not exactly but I didn't expect to in just 2 short months.  But I haven't given up either.  I'm still working on it, searching for it each day.  I have found more time to pray.  More time for me, to just sit and read or relax.  I haven't figured out the whole diet, exercise part of balance yet.  To be honest I do a lot of day dreaming about it and not enough doing.  

Balance has always been a tough one for me because I'm sorta AADD.  My mind swirls at a hundred miles and hour.  It never wants to shut off even though I want it to.  And I tend to get bored easily.  My biggest problem right now is feeling sluggish.  That's where the diet could come in.  Whereas, I used to couldn't stop moving, now I'm having a hard time wanting to move.  I'm sleepy all the time.  I never find time for crafting, which I love by the way.  But the important thing is balancing my moods.  And I'm doing a fairly good job at that right now.  I hope to do a blog series on the changes to feeling better, that I want to make.  I'd like to do more writing and that would be as good a place to start as any.  I think this quote by the novelist Ellen Douglas says it all.......
"To be a writer, is to bear witness to all that you have seen and heard"
How many times have you wished that your Mother or Grandmother would have kept a journal of their lives?  Even the mundane can be fascinating to the next generation.  I can just imagine the stories that they would tell.

My story doesn't consist of one particular area.  I have lots of passions and many curiosities.  I love sewing, crafting, decorating, talking (you figured that, right?), saving money, turning old into something new and sweepstakes and giveaways.  I hope to share a little of it all with you. 

Remember the other day when I told you I had more giveaway wins to share?  Well, here's another.  And it fits my balance theme perfectly.  It's just what I needed to pamper myself with.  I had not heard of MOR Cosmetics before I read about Tracy's review and giveaway at Ascending Butterfly.   I was so excited when I got this message from her.  "You will receive one Dear Mr. Patridge Limited Edition Gift Set from MOR Cosmetics! ARV $48!".The scent is  "Cinnamon and Clove" which I love.  It's such a warm scent, perfect for those nice fall/winter evenings.  And look at the beautiful tin it was packaged in.  This is a 5 Star collection and I'm lovin' it!
Inside is a huge bar of triple milled soap, which makes it last longer.  And the way it's going, I'm going to still be working on this one bar until September.  It leaves a really soft scent after you shower.  Then there's the really rich and lush scented hand cream that I have on my bedside table but it's the perfect size for your purse.  And oh' my goodness..........the candle is fabulous!  I'm not kidding.  It's in a tin of it's own and the smell is awesome.  It's not one of those dinky candles that smell good when you sniff them but doesn't smell at all when you light them.  The wax is so silky creamy you could actually rub it in and feel the oils.  OOHH, wouldn't a warm hand wax with this leave your hands silky and smelling oh' so good?

You may think I'm silly but I really wish I could get a roll of the paper they wrapped the soap in.  It's gorgeous too!!!  Embossed with gold in a partridge in a pear tree motif, I'm really wanting to wrap all my gifts with it.  Maybe even frame it.  Laugh if you will, but see if you don't feel the same way if you get a set of this.
So thanks again Tracy for hosting the generous giveaway.  Click on her name above or here to visit her blog.  She's as sweet as can be and has a great blog full of giveaways, fashion and more.  This candle and lotion sit right next to my bed and make me feel pampered which is the first step in feeling balanced.  Also thanks to MOR Cosmetics for generously sponsoring Tracy's giveaway.  I'm definitely a new fan!!!

Hope y'all find time to pamper yourselves some too.  We all need it and 15 minutes out of a 24 hour day is not too much to devote on you!     Big hugs....Tracy :)

Disclaimer - I was not paid or asked in anyway  to write this post.  It's just how much I loved the product I was lucky enough to win.  Transparency is everything!


  1. goodmorning chatty cathy! youre too cute. Balance.. I cant even think about that! I'm so out of balance.. I'm surprised I can walk a straight line! my mind is like a gyroscope or the planet saturn or something where things are spinning around in it in all different directions, faster and faster zooming by.. until theres a little collision and something crashes into the side and then I pick it up look at it and say.. "oh yeah! I almost forgot about this!" I dont know if you can picture what im talking about it.. in person I could show you exactly what I mean.. its harder to describe. A friend of mine does a great impression of my brain. I should video him doing it sometime and post it! ha!
    anyways.. We are a work in progress.. and true balance takes time to achieve.. right?
    have a great day.

  2. Good morning Tracy...so sorry to hear about your DML, she certainly is in my prayers. It's so difficult to watch our loved ones when they are so ill.

    Love your post on being "balanced" in our life. Sure do need more balance in mine. Work in Progress for sure.

    Have a God Filled Day

  3. Am so sorry to hear about your MIL, gosh darn it if it's not one thing it's another. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

    Balance, b a l a n c e ....hmmmmm nope not familiar with the word. I'll add it to my 'to do' list ;)
    Have a great day!
    Sending big *hugs*

  4. Balance is my word for the year, too!!!
    Sending up prayers for your MIL.

  5. G'day, Tracy ~ Hope MIL improves quickly .. she's sure had a long road to travel.

    Love your giveaway win ... sounds deelishly enticing & wonderful.

    I'm grabbing balance right now ... have to do this for myself.

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful day ~

  6. Honey so glad I came by today. I will of course continue to pray for your sweet Mother-in-law. Hope she will be better with each new day.
    Balance is something I could use more and more in my life. I too am so wanting to do a blog about weight. It has a lot to do with me not getting things done.

  7. Yup...sisters from other mothers...TWIN sisters! I so can relate....your word "balance" and my word "forward" can mean the same things.....I am struggling right now with moving any direction! No jobs, no money, no whatever.....see ???? I HAVE to stop these negative thoughts! I have to!!!!! You and mean kiddo we will get thtu this together for sure! Love, Sandy

  8. Oh...I'm so sorry about your MIL...praying without ceasing....sometimes it's hard to understand, strike that, I never understand the need for suffering, I guess that's my thing to be challenged with. We all struggle with balance so don't you go being hard on yourself...I can so relate to Sandy's comment above, it's hard to chase those negative thoughts out some times...isn't it so easy to feel some one else is so pulled together even though we know in our heads that really no one is that pulled together?...Kind of like grass being greener even though we know every one has brown spots and weeds? LOL (I think I just made myself laugh) that's been in short supply lately! Ha...I guess you just bring out the best in me. *wink...

    Thanks for posting about the give away...I don't know why we haven't gotten a better response...the give away is getting bigger by the day but it seems in spite of those whose posted there's just no response...puzzeling? Do you think they don't like the give away items? In any case, thanks bunches take care and be well ok? XOXO Keke

  9. Tracy I am so sorry to hear about your MIL! She is in my prayers!

    It was so sweet of you to write about the Mor set with everything on your mind right now. It is a great way to find balance when you take a moment for some pampering good for you!

    Actually you did receive the right set, the set is named 'Dear Mr. Patridge' but that is not the scent, just it's name. The scent inside is cinnamon and clove! :)

    And the triple milled soap is very long lasting, and filled my bathroom with scent which I just love! And really how fab is that candle right?!

    I am going to make sure Mor sees your post, I am sure they will be super happy to read it!

    ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•●•
    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  10. I just wanted to let you know that I did post a link here on Mor's Facebook wall here:


    'Like' the post when you get a chance! :)

    ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•●•
    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  11. Great Blog and posts! Hope your MIL will heal! Love the birds and the tree pic - very good capture! Balance ~ it's what life ia all about ~ eh??!!