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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh' Goody...A Giveaway and Help Someone Too!

Would you like to help this little Cutie- Patootie go to college?  I know you would.  And it's as simple as the click of the mouse.  But you'd better hurry this baby girl is already to go there now.  Please take a moment to stop by Keke's @ Cherry Kingdom and read about how simple it is to vote for this young woman's essay on facebook and help her kick off her life into adulthood.  

Not only will you be helping this sweet-pea but you get a chance to win some amazing blog candy at "The Big I Love You Giveaway" from Keke herself!  Surely, you can't resist that.  You'll be bless just by getting to know Keke, she has a heart of gold and a spirit of a really old soul.  Just click here.

Hugs and good luck y'all.......Tracy :)

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