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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wendy is Having the Perfect Winter Giveaway

Is it cold at your house yet.  Finally cool weather is moving into Florida.  The high was only 75 today.  I so love fall and I sure hate having so little of it.  With the overcast day we had it almost felt like it.  But wait till Saturday!  Our high is supposed to be 63 degrees ~ WOO-HOO and wait for it...........the low is supposed to be 38 degrees!  Can you say...skip fall and go straight to winter?  That's life in the South.  One day it's in the 80's and the next it's in the 60's.  And believe it or not when it gets cold here, it feels cold.  It must be the coastal humidity. But you still never know on Thanksgiving and even Christmas we could be in  the mid 80's or like one Christmas eve we could have Snow on the ground.  Talk about the twilight zone -  ha!

Oops, back to why I'm writing this post.  Wendy, who has been a blogging friend from the beginning to me is having the perfect winter giveaway sponsored by Carmex.  Who new they had so many products. And how cute is that bag!  I've always loved the lip balm.  So go by and visit Wendy at Ramblings from the Sunshine State by clicking here or on her name and enter.  Be sure to tell her I said hi.  

Best of luck y'all.  Love and Hugs....Tracy :)

P.S.  Don't forget to enter my Bisquick giveaway here.


  1. Hi Tracy:

    What a fun blog, filled with goodies and great conversation!!!

    Thanks for the kind comments that you left while visiting my "neck of the woods..."

    Looking forward to seeing your new card creations!!!