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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quick Fast Makeover - OOPS!

 Yuck!  Pretty gross, right.  I hated the fabric that came on this very worn task chair.  Lint just clings to it so bad.  I can vacuum it daily but it's like an old sweater that's picked to pieces.  You just have to hand pick all the little balls off and it still looks cruddy.  

So what do you do when you exhausted but have adrenaline flowing and your itching to get one thing accomplished.  Why you start recovering a chair at 10 pm, of course.  That's what I did on Halloween night.

I remembered that I had a bolt of this fabric in the closet that I planned on doing something with.  Valences, pillows, who knows.  I liked it and it was on sale and I new it would go great in our office.  (Unfortunately, we still don't have that done).  Anyway it's a great heavy woven upholstery fabric.  With the dark muted colors and fingers crossed, no spills, it should last forever or at least till I'm totally sick of it.

It was really easy and a quick project.  I had my handy electric staple gun, a screwdriver and removed the seat and laid it on the fabric and cut out a big square.  The staple gun worked out just perfect for this part.

Here's where the "It's too late and your too wiped out  to do this" comes in.  I get the back off, not to hard.  I look at the shape of the back, center it on the fabric where I want it.  Checked it at least twice before I cut, left plenty of extra so I was sure to have enough.  Check, cut and start to staple.  Nope not happening.  The seat was wood this was heavy duty plastic and my staple isn't going through it.  

Okay, not a problem.   NEIL!!!!!!!

We find screws and the electric screwdriver/drill thingy.  And put in a lot of screws, then reattached the seat and back to the base.  Beautiful!!!  Simply beautiful, I'm thinking as I'm smiling ear-to-ear, so please that I accomplished and finish a task.

That is until it sat there mocking me........

Yep, look close.  The fabric on the back of the seat is upside down.  Did you notice, click the pictures to enlarge them.  I was so disappointed but not  disappointed  enough to recover it that night.  Who knows when I will either.  Luckily it's a not in you face pattern screaming "Hey, goofy put me on upside down".


  1. Good for you for doing this Tracy it's exactly what I've been wanting to do but HATE to work on stuff like this. My chair looks terrible and now that I see you have done this yourself with all you have going on I really should hop to it and try my chair. Going to dig out material now...Nan

  2. Aw, I like it upside down. It's whimsical. I like whimsy.

  3. Hi Tracy ~ Love the Chair Make-over... What a Difference! I was checking on your past post too... seems like it is taking me awhile to get Caught Up ~ I actually slept in till 11 this morning & almost wanted to take a nap in the afternoon.... I'll get there ~ I will continue to keep you all in My Prayers & extra for Neil, it is so hard to be Parenting a Parent! You Keep taking care of YOU, and about that Darned Old Devil ~ You'd think he'd get the Message that We are Children of the Great King & He Ain't Gonna Steal Our JoY! guess even he needs the reminder... Take care & Stay at Peace, for God IS In Control! xox

  4. LOL.....I would have never noticed it was upside down! It looks great!!!! I still have skirts to make for my tables....not until after the holidays tho.....:):)

  5. aw I think it looks lovely hun! Wanna come do my office chair? LOL