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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog Candy Giveaway With A Hop

I have several blog friends who create the most beautiful stamped cards.  I've admired  them for so long and would love to be able to give it a try.   Do any of you stamp?  

Tiddly Inks is having a blog hop and is offering an awesome giveaway of blog candy ~ I mean really a bunch.  Just look at all the goodies above.  I so want to win this but if I can't I sure would like to think I helped someone who reads my blog win it.

You'll want to hurry because this one ends on November 4th.  Just click here.

If you do win please be sure to come back and tell me.  I love hearing about your wins almost as much as winning myself.  Hee-hee!

Good luck y'all.....Tracy :)


  1. Hi Tracy, thanks for the link to the giveaway. Congratulations on winning the other giveaway with the Copic markers! I have just started using Copics myself for my original artwork. They take a little getting use too but are FABULOUS! Here's a link to a site with more info on Copics than you can imagine!
    I'm hoping to take one of their workshops, they are supposed to be wonderful. Have a great day, Nan
    PS: I'm keeping your MIL and all of your family in my prayers!

  2. I've never seen those copic markers, let me know how you like using them. I'll pass on the candy give away as I don't eat sugar anymore ...sigh....!! Nan