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Friday, November 12, 2010

Please Pray for Dan and Kate!!!!

I just found out my dear friend Kate's husband Dan is in the hospital.  If you don't already know Kate you is just the sweetest person from MN.  She and her family have a strong faith in God and are just overall amazing people.  Please take a moment to go by Kate at Auntie Cake's and leave them a kind word and say a prayer.  Dan has been having some problems passing out and they were doing test to find the cause.  His heart stopped for 4 mins.  They have since put in a pacemaker and are still searching for an answer to the real cause of the problems.

You have all been so good to me and my family while we are still dealing with our issues as MIL is still hospitalized.  Please take a moment to share that love and support with Kate.  I'm sure she needs all the good wishes and prayers to keep her strong.

Much love to you all....Tracy :)


  1. Prayers going up here my sweet friend. Dan and Kate are covered with the love and grace of the Most High. Today I'm lifting him up for healing!

    Thanks for sharing~


  2. I am so sorry to hear of your dear friends trouble. I have seen a show on TV where a man passed out when he drank something cold. I hope they find what is wrong soon. Bless their, and your, heart.

  3. We will do!! Prayers starting up!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. You won my giveaway!! I need your shipping info so I can pass it along to Carmex! :)

  5. Tracy-
    It is so like you to share in other's sorrows while you, yourself are enduring your own trials!
    I saw this last night and did, indeed lift your friend up in prayer (and am so doing right now...following her blog now too). Anyway, I pray you are doing well, fully confident the Lord is upholding you and your family and strengthening you. The Lord woke me this morning at 2:30am (PST) and told me to get praying for you and your family...I did for about 30 minutes...I do hope that you are all well. Praying for grace and mercy for you all!
    Love and blessings!

  6. Oh Tracy ~ I am so glad that I am Bubbie Sitting tonight at My Daughters, I was able to find out this horrible news about Kates Hubby.... I will be go directly to Her Blog ~ Of Course, I will be Adding Kate & Hubby and her family to My Prayers & Keeping You, Neil & MIL in My Prayers, (sorry Tracy, I can't remember what Neil's Moms name is...) God Know how I am talking about ~ Take Care, I hope to be back online mid week - Keeping My Fingers Crossed!

  7. Hi Tracy:
    Just like you to be asking for prayers for others. You're so thoughtful, my friend. Sorry I haven't visited for a while, but the quilt and a sick dog were occupying much of my time. Hope you're feeling better, and that your MIL improves, too.
    Sunday Blessings, Dear.