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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Terrific Little Sayings with a Big Impact

Hey Ya'll. Sorry I haven't been blogged in a few days. It seems something's always going on. I've had several Drs. visits lately. Nothing big just doing a lot of checking. I have another on Friday and then lucky me a colonoscopy and whatever it's called when they go down the thoat too on the following Thursday. My bil's sister who is only in her 30's I think is in Texas and she is dying. He left Atlanta to go be with his sister and the family. I believe they are going to remove the ventilator tonight and they haven't said how long she might last. My heart goes out to the entire family. He just lost a brother a few years ago and it was very unexpected. Please keep my sister and her family in your prayers.

I keep a little homemade booklet that I call "My Little Book of Terrific Sayings". Anytime I find something that I really love I write it down, that way if it's not committed to my memory at least I can find it. I really need to create a journal book for these. Something with a little artsy style, something cute.

I shared a couple of these below. Take a peek.

I'm planning to have my first give away listed later this week, so please keep watching. And as always please leave me your comments. They are what inspire me and motivate me and I could use a lot of that right now. Hugs.....Tracy


  1. *hugs* to your B-I-L's family. I know how hard it is to go through that.

    I love your idea for a journal full of little positive sayings. Should be something I should start, too. :)


  2. Wow. The big C test. I had mine last year. It's not bad after the first night. Just make sure they put you all the way out. Keep us posted.

  3. Awe Tracy, no problem about the package. Seems a little someone in blog land has been bad mouthing me and some have withdrew from helping, go figure. I so want to make a book like you did! I seen a really pretty one and B and Noble and should have just bought it for quotes. Boy isn't this week flying by and I feel nothing is getting accomplished for me. This weekend I'll be up to my elbows in florals. Your BIL sounds like me, I have lost my entire immediate family. So sad. Well better get going 6:15 comes pretty early for me, son went back to work and no car! UGH! Later,Lori

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog Tracy :) I am sorry for your sisters family, I hope they can find the strength to deal with it all.
    I love the sayings and quotes too, and I keep meaning to put them in a journal or book like you, I keep them in a computer file of all places, then forget to read them.
    I can't imagine having that test done, but I hope they don't find anything serious with you.

  5. Tracy! The "Linus" poem perfectly describes my life! I am printing this out and carrying it with me at all times! I need to ask again for your address! Too many paper scraps - I think it went the way of the trash. Thank you again for taking my books! Elizabeth mermaidmom46@columbus.rr.com

  6. I love sayings! I've been thinking I need to create a book to keep my favorites in. Have a nice day! Twyla

  7. Hi Tracey,
    so sorry to hear about your bil's sister.
    I hope that you get a good clean bill of health after all your check ups. And I love the idea of journalling all your favourite affirmations and quotes, superb idea to have them on hand when you need a pick me up or want to have a little reflection time. Take care of yourself!