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Friday, September 11, 2009

Indian Summer Sale

Hey ya'll. Well it's September which means I'm in the official fall state of mind. The magazines are all showing the fall displays, clothes, home decor, etc... Go to the stores and it's the same thing. The only problem is the same problem I've had since I was a child. I LIVE IN FREAKIN' FLORIDA, the sunshine state - UUUUGGGHHH!!

Autumn is my favorite time of year and it's probably because we get so little of it. Take today for instance...is almost 90 degrees but the calendar and the rest of the United States say it's fall. Believe it are not, even though we can still go to the beach, you can tell a slight difference in the weather & the water. Not enough to cut our sacred air conditioning off but a light breeze, a bluer sky, a difference. My son calls from upper New York to remind me why he will never live in Florida again. The lows are now going into the 40's and the summer wasn't that bad. Just wait, I'll get my revenge when he's shoveling that snow out of the drive just to take the kids to school and shoveling it again to get back in. Seems he has moved to the snow belt region. I never thought he would make it up there, with his slow Southern temperament and Beach Boy Surfing ways. He never ceases to amaze me. His goal is to live an hour from the beach in maybe North Carolina. Which I would love because we have mountain property just no cabin there and maybe I would get to see him more often. It's just so odd how you think we'd do that later and later turns in to years and the grands are in school and I'm suddenly much older.

Ooops.....How did I spend that much time on the weather when all I wanted to do was let ya'll know that I'm having a sale at my ebay store with 15% off 250 items. Please take a moment to peek here in my store

What about you, yeah you, the person reading this right now. Do you have an ebay store or perhaps some other store. Leave me a comment, let me know. I love to get your comments and see what you're up to!!! Have a fun weekend...Tracy


  1. Wow. Such beautiful color already. We are still pretty green here. Did take some pictures of a few fall things. Head over to my blog and check it out. It's right around the corner here to changing. Have a nice relaxing weekend. Your blog page is very cute. Love the yellow bow..

    The Garden Bell - Kate

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by. Beautiful photo here. I LOVE fall. A few years back a few of us traveled to Boston in October at peek leaf-changing time. I'll never forget it. : )

  3. Tracy, You do know that I love Florida more than any place on earth, but my husband will not travel any further south than Ohio! At the slightest hint of humidity, he turns right back around! I guess the grass is always greener! Elizabeth

  4. Tracy, I am so excited that you saw the book post! My heart sinks at the thought of disappointing someone; so I quickly chickened out. I will be happy to send them your way if you will e-mail me your address at mermaidmom46@columbus.rr.com or you may flickr me it if that is easier. Thanks for making my day! You will simply love them! Elizabeth