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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm back & look at what I've been doing

Hey ya'll!
Boy is it good to be getting back to normal again. We had to replace our whole a/c unit and I stayed away for 2 weeks. Luckily we have a vacant rental house with furniture that we were able to stay at and Neil did most of the a/c and cut the middle guy out. Saved over $2000.00 that way. It may be stressful but I am so lucky that he is so handy and takes on any project. The a/c guys that did the finish work asked Neil if he wanted to work for them because he had done such a good job - HA-HA! Who wants a broken a/c in Florida in August when the heat index is over 100 degrees? Boy were our tempers getting short. But going to the other house gave me the opportunity to work on projects I couldn't get to when at home and doing everything else. It was nice not having the usual distractions. But while over there I didn't have the internet and lightening struck at our house and we didn't have it over here either. We went through 3 different things trying to get back on line. We finally got one computer up & we sent both to the computer guy & got them cleaned up but our router now has to be replaced so that we can have both working at the same time.

All this going on and I had swaps and ebay that needed my attention. Not to mention that August is birthday month for my family. On the 17th is my niece Miranda's birthday - she turned 10, the 18th is my sister Joni's (Miranda's Nay-nay) - she turned - well I'll just keep that between her & me, on the 19th is my nephew Hoopie's (Joni's son) - I want to say he was 24 or 25, on the 20th is my Mother-In-Law's she turned 89, she now lives with us, and finally on the 23rd it was my son Ty's 30th birthday. Can you imagine that, where did the time go, I was just 26 myself. My sister & her family all live in the Atlanta area and my son lives in upper New York so I didn't get to celebrate with any of them.

Above, I've posted some pics of the tags I made for the "Spooky Halloween Tag Swap" hosted by the sweet Sarah at
http://gypsymermaidlife.blogspot.com/. Please excuse my awful pics, I'm hoping and wishing for a new camera for Christmas. I might have better luck writing to Santa. I decorated both the front and the back of the tags. I wanted to glitter them up but with all that was going on I was late as it was. I also made her a glittery mermaid for a hostess gift. She has a great blog and this my second swap. I was fortunate enough to do my first ever swap with Sarah and she was very generous. I can't wait to get the tags everyone has made. I know they're going to be fabulous! We each made 13 and she is putting them together and sending each of us a set.

So now it's show & tell time, show me what you've been up to. Leave me a comment I love hearing from you. We'll I'd better go but I won't be long because I've got more to share....Trac


  1. Hey chickadee!!! I loved the mermaid! She is already in my studio and smiling at me everyday. Your tags are soo pretty they are the first ones in the book! OMG not having ac in flordia must of been hot at least you had a rental house! lucky you. ours went out when we lived in southeast texas and it was sooo hot. lol I lived in a small room with a window unit. haha Big hugs


  2. Tracy
    What adorable Halloween tags! I love doing Halloween crafts the most, strange huh, coming from me who is so into pink! The mermaid is really something! glad your finally chillin! The nights here have been hitting in the forties, it's unreal! The trees are even starting to turn. Will catch you soon, Lori

  3. Hi there,
    thank you for visitng my blog, I enjoyed the Christmas in July tag swap- it was great,and I had a lot of fun,I ampretty new to this typeof swap - but hey we all have to learn somewhere,
    keep in touch!
    p.s. cute halloween tags!

  4. What cute tags! Thanks for visiting and for the good luck wishes. Loved all the trims and details on your Christmas in July tag! We'll probably be trading creations again soon. Hope so. LaVerne in Texas

  5. These are darling, can't believe you made so many. Great job