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Monday, March 18, 2013

Free Paint, New Baby and Camping - What a Weekend

Spring may not officially start till Wednesday but it was definitely Spring here.  Ever since Ty brought his family back home from New York they have spent more weekends than not at the beach.  It's like winter forgot us and they've loved it.
Sometimes it's really good to live in Florida!  This weekend we had that perfect weather that I wish we had more of.  Not to hot to go outside - just perfect!  The first week of Spring looks like it living up to Spring expectations.
Some may look at the coming rain with a frown but not me.  It's been way to dry and there's already a breakout of wildfires, so I say bring it on.  Plus the rain will awesome for the yard.  Oh' and do you see the weatherman's warning of a cold front coming? Yep' it looks like behind that rain is a cool down.  We may not even reach the 60's. he-he.  Truth is we hardly had a winter at all and as much as I love having beautiful weekends like this past one, cold is good for killing off pest and weeds, and even we Floridians enjoy a change in weather.

Neil & I spent Saturday grocery shopping and picking up my FREE paint from Ace Hardware.  Did y'all get yours?
That evening I received a call from my sister reporting that her newest grandbaby was on it's way.  That's right I'm a new great aunt to Ava Leigh born in Atlanta March 16, 2013.
  Isn't she precious and she has such a beautiful Southern name.
Ty, Christal & the grandkids did something a little more fun then grocery shopping and a little less strenuous than having a baby.  They went on there first beach camping trip.  They spent all day over at Amelia Island which is only about 20 miles away.  It's where I spent all my summers growing up at the beach and where I raise Ty to be the surf boy he is.  I love knowing Zach and Ki'a are enjoying there childhoods there too.
 Ending a long day with a marshmallows and a campfire is what sweet dreams are made of!
Ty's best friend brought his family down for a while too.  His cute little daughter Tallulah seems to be having fun.  I think it's neat that Ty's daughter's name, Ki'a means Start of the Sea and his best friends daughter's name Tallulah means leaping water.

After a sweet night of sleeping to the sound of crashing waves and the scent of the sea they woke up to this beautiful view.
I'd love to open my eyes to this view every morning.  How can you not be in AWE of GOD's  amazing wonders when you see the sun rising over the ocean.
It was such a gorgeous day that Neil and I decided to spend it outside cleaning up the yard.  The family came over and pitched in.  It was just to nice to stay inside.  If we did we would have missed this.
 It was a dolphin right in front of the house!  That's the first time I've ever seen one out there.  Lucky for him an alligator didn't decide to have him for dinner.  He was having so much fun out there and everything just stopped when we saw him.  You can't buy moments like those.

It was such a wonderful weekend.  I hope yours was too.
Love Y'all....Tracy ♥


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  1. Wow, what a wonderful weekend, and yes Florida is a great place to live. We are just getting into our visitor season, and my brother is coming to stay with his family this week...love it.

    We have about 10 minutes to the beach, and sometimes it surely feels like we are on vacation year round.