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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NEW Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool! Toothpaste Reivew

This is the story of how my battle with my granddaughter ended with me being Wicked Cool.
I have a 10 year fashionista living in my midst.  You'd think being a fashionista would automatically mean bathroom rituals like brushing her teeth would be a drama free zone.  But you'd be thinking wrong.  This girl does everything including throw a tantrum when I announce that it's time to brush your teeth.

When I asked Ki'a if she'd like to be my review tester for Tom's of Maine New Wicked Cool toothpaste for kids and she said yes, I was a little shocked.  I think the name Wicked Cool was enticing to her. Note to self...Advertisers can teeth parents a lesson or two about how to make things seem more fun.

You can learn more about Tom's of Maine Wicked Cool! by clicking the link below: 

Okay so she was a little hesitant at first, as you can see in the photo below
You can see she got past the taste test and went into full brush mode.
Heaven's to mercy!!!  She's actually smiling.  No hurrying to get through.  She kept brushing.
I thought she might just do it quickly to pacify me, but nope she really liked it.  I didn't even have to ask, her face said it all and she told me so before I could get the question out. 
She said "Grandma it's not spicy or hot like other toothpaste".  Her way of saying she doesn't like the strong mint flavor of other toothpaste. I never thought about the flavor, I just thought she hating taking the time to brush.  Who knew?

Now, we're both smiling, She likes the mild mint flavor.
As for me I'm happy that Wicked Cool! toothpaste features natural ingredients and is ADA-Accepted to help prevent cavities, strengthens enamel, and freshens breath.  And like all Tom's kids toothpastes, it has no artificial dyes, sweeteners or flavors.

Finally I've found a secret weapon thanks to Smiley360.  So now it looks like this Grandma might just be Wicked Cool!

Disclosure:  I was provided a free sample of #TomsWickedCool from Smiley360 to assist in my review.  All opinion however are my own.


  1. A definate must try! My youngest did the same thing..hated brishing his teeth, the paste was either too minty or too hot. Now he's 21 with a mouth full of silver...uggh!
    Thanks for the review ♥

  2. Hi Tracy, Thanks for the review, I will have to try this for my Grandaughter, she will be 10 this summer & has always hated brushing her teeth.... never thought of it being the flavor of the toothpaste. I also like that it doesn't have sweeteners in it, I am so tired of have artificial sweeteners in everything.
    Now I am off to the "Tom's" site!
    Thank your sweet model-tester for me!