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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Winning Giveaways Series - Part I

I've had the best luck lately. (I've worked at it too)  I thought it was time tell you about them.  Everybody loves winning and I'm no exception.  Every time I win anything and I mean anything, you'll see me doing a happy dance at my house.  When I won the Samsung Chromebook, Neil didn't know if I was having some sort of attack or if I'd been drinking.

This is the first of a series of 3 post.  Well 3's what I've got planned for now.  The next post will show you more things I've won over the past few months.  I'm hoping this will encourage y'all.  People really do win you know!  I've been in dry spells too.  Sometimes it seems like you get one winning email behind another and then you go for what seems like forever before you get another.  I've gotten discouraged and thought enough is enough and then things turn around.

While you're here you may-as-well enter my giveaways too.  Just look for current giveaways on my right sidebar. 

So without bragging here's all the goodies I've won lately.  Don't be jealous now.

  • Samsung Streaming Chromebook @ Sober Julie.  I've been wanting to win a laptop for so long and needed this so much.  Thank you Julie!!!   I'm still pinching myself!!! 

  • Body Shop Giveaway @ Jewel's Fab Life.  Jewel is a social media and marketing genius, which leads her to the most exciting blog events and she lets ride along.  Thanks Jewel!!

  • Scott's Liquid Gold Touch of Scent Dispenser with 3 Refills in Tangerine Mist, Ocean Breeze, and Very Vanilla @ Mamawj's Moment AwayYou've heard me talk about sweet Julie so often.  Love her! Thank you Julie!!!


  • Are you like me, do you like to hear about others winning stories?  I'd love to hear what you've won lately.  Encourage me y'all!  Do you have any tips you want to share, leave me a comment.  Maybe you'd like to be a guest host on Cotton Pickin Cute and share your story with my readers.  That would be great too.  Just leave a comment or email me here:  cpcblogging (at) hotmail (dot) com
  • While you're here, enter my giveaways.  You can find them on the right sidebar.
  • But don't forget to come back and read Winning Giveaways - Part 2.
 Good luck Y'all!!!!


  1. I love winning too. I've won tons of little things. The other day I won a $50gc to itunes from sweepstakes which is funny because I don't have any apple products. And then bam! Two days later I won an ipad mini. :D you got super lucky with the chrome one! Congrats.

  2. Are you one lucky girl or what! Congrats on all the wins!! You deserve it ♥

  3. Wow! Lucky you! Those are some great prizes to win! I haven't won anything in so long. I definitely need a change of luck.


  4. what a great haul of wins! Thanks for visiting my blog! You are too sweet!

  5. Oh Tracy,
    I am so happy that you won all those super cool things. Especially the computer. I know you have had so many computer problems in the past, so glad that is behind you now!

    Love seeing the pics of your granddaughter, she is adorable. Sounds like you are having so much fun with them close to you! That is awesome.

    Any exciting Easter plans? Nothing here. Just church and lunch with the family. I didn't know you were close to Palm Coast. My cousin lives there. Not that I ever get to see her. We still keep meaning to get to Florida to see Dan's mom and dad. That will have to wait awhile though.

    Happy Easter!