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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Crafty Winter with Julie Cutshaw

A lot of you remember me mentioning my friend Julie before but did I tell you how talented she wasShe's oozing with crafty talent in so many catagories.  Do I sound jealous?  Well, can you blame me.  She loves painting like the wintery scenes she's done below.  I love seeing old items like these wooden windows, being recreated and used for new purposes

Isn't this the cutest little outfit.  Julie made a pillow case top from novelty prints and then hand painted the same scene onto a pair of jeans.  Isn't she the smartest thing?  I adore the Peanut Gang scene.  Julie also makes custom order items.

I believe the wintery art windows are for sale now.  Stop by and check out her Pinterest page.  You'll find her creations and also all the cute things she pins from blogland.

You can follow Julie's blog here or http://mamawjsmomentaway.blogspot.com/.  She's a BzzAgent too and likes to share her product reviews, host giveaways, and share the ones she finds with readers.  I hope you'll stop by, tell her I sent you and become a new follower.

You can also follow her on Pinterest here or  http://pinterest.com/juliecutshaw/.  She's quite the pinner.  

I'm pretty sure Julie and I were separated at birth. Except she got all the painting skills. lol.  

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