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Friday, December 14, 2012

What do Vintage Soda Crates and Christmas Ornaments Have in Common

I've been collecting Christmas ornaments for years.  One thing I make sure to do is buy the grandchildren a new ornament each year.  I like the thought of them having at least 20 very special ornaments each to start their own family tree with one day.
After 10 years that adds up to a lot of ornaments.  I usually have two full size tree's up but this year I only put one up.  And what do you do when you decide to go with a new look one year?  I still want to see all those special ornaments that bring back so many memories. 
When researching idea's, that's a fancy way of justifing the time I waste on Pinterest, yes I'm addicted, I came across this great idea.  Dana from Circa Dee's crate display had been pinned and I knew I'd found my answer.  If there's one thing I don't lack around here it's old stuff!  You can see Dana's beautiful display here.
No this one crate doesn't hold all my extra ornaments but it does make a sweet vintage display.  You are limited on size but I was able to display some very special ones.  Some of the little trains from my Christopher Radko set, the engine wouldn't fit :(, and few that were chosen for Zach and Ki'a.
I used jute twine to hang the ornaments and tie around the dividers.  On the top row I just stapled the twine to the inside of the top.  Easy as pie!

I hope you liked it and it inspires you to create something wonderful with what you have.

If you like it or have your own ideas for Christmas displays, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.  I just LOVE reading them.
Warm Hugs Ya'll...


  1. Such a clever idea!! Love it!

  2. I love this idea Tracy. I collect any type shutter boxes and put themes in them. Once I did a sewing notion theme for my sisters birthday and it's easy to make copy cat tiny items inside on a smaller scale. I made fabric bolts by cutting a toilet paper roll piece then flattening it then wrapping real fabric around it, made an ironing board from the tiny wooden shaped biscuits you use in wood work and drill holes in it to mock the ironing board. She loved it. I do like you with the ornament each year to keep sake for my grandson. You know, you could use that straw stuff that's in wine crates to put in each cubby hole and nest each ornament in it. Merry Christmas :)

  3. This is GREAT! My husband and I have given our kiddos an ornament each year - same idea, at least they'll have a decent stash for their first tree:) Love the idea of displaying treasured ornaments - they can often get "lost" on the tree.