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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Table Centerpiece DIY AS Easy As Pie

Are you looking for last minute ideas for your Thanksgiving table?  I have an easy one that quick to make.
This is a DIY project using what you have.  I started with an old wooden crate.  I used the mini pumpkins still left from Thanksgiving.  Pinecones and Spanish moss from the yard.  Faux Pears and faux fall leaves from my stash.  

TIP:  When you use things like moss and pinecones from the yard put then in the oven at 200 degrees to kill any little pesty critters that are in them.  Let bake for about an hour.  Even though the oven's very low, keep your eyes on it, I've never had a problem, but better safe than sorry.
For the candle holders I used old mason or pickle jars or whatever.  These were so easy to make and turned out so pretty.  In the photo above you can see how pretty the candle lit glows through the print.  I ran out of candles and used a little electric votive in the small one.  Note: Must get more candles before Thanksgiving.

I used 2 ply Thankful napkins I got at Micheals.  Separate the plys and set them aside.  With a sponge brush I applied decoupage glue to the outside of the jar.  Then just apply the printed (pretty) piece of napkin face up, wrapping it around the jar.  Once it's on, apply more decoupage glue over it smoothing all the edges.Trim any extra.  I used a braided trim, you could use jute, to wrap around the top where the lid screws on.
On one I glued a jute bow and some acorns.  I also added a vintage key. On another I glued a gossamer ribbon with a vintage key.  
 The smallest one I glued a circle of just an an acorn.  Easy as pie!
Now just sit back and enjoy!  I love it!  What do you think?  Do you like to upcycle everyday items to save them from the landfill?

Have a blessed day ya'll.....


  1. Very pretty, Tracy! It feels good not spending lots of money, isn't it.
    I love the wooden create you used, and the candle holders look awesome! Have a great Thanksgiving Day!

  2. This is so pretty and so easy to make! I need to do something like this for my mantle. I love easy to do projects. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome creative idea.

  3. These are very pretty center pieces !!! I love making stuff and doing DIY projects !! My family is coming in and I want to try to make one ! Thank you !!

  4. I love this idea, it is easy, inexpensive and very festive! I will definitely do this for our Thanksgiving table this year.

  5. Wow these are really beautiful. I am not very talented when it comes to crafts but, I just may have to try this.