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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Caring Family, Friends and Prayer Mean Everything

A million thanks you's can never be enough.

To each and every person who a pray, left a kind word, blogged about Zach being sick, we can NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH.

Every word whispered, said aloud, or passed forward and even candle lit was heard by our generous Savior.

Zach was moved from pediatric ICU yesterday (Tues) and put in a private room.  He is aware of his surroundings and knows his family once again.  Poor baby (I'm sure he would want me calling him that) still have fever on and off but they got his sodium level back to normal.  After 20 hours of nothing to eat or drink he was finally allowed to have dinner.  He was starving.  His mom said they even let him get out of bed tonight which he had really been fussing about today.  We don't know when he'll be allowed to come home but we are so relieved that he is better.  Last night (Mon) was one of the most frightening nights Neil and I can remember.

We are so grateful for all of you and your outpouring of love. 

May you each be blessed as much as your love and concern has blessed us.
Love and warmest hugs...
Tracy and Neil♥ 


  1. Dear Tracy:
    I've been remiss in stopping in to say "hello", so I was surprised to read your note today. I'll have to go backward now to see if I can catch up. I will pray for Zach's continued healing, my friend. My thoughts will be with you all.

  2. I am very glad that Zach is getting better. I hope that he will be home soon.

  3. Just now seeing about his situation Tracy had not been online much. So sorry your sweet grandson is sick, he is in my prayers hugs to you all
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