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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just My Style ~ In Music ~ Mat Kearney's Young Love

Music moves my soul.  It always has.  I have a really diverse love of music too.  Growing up in the sixties my parents were older than most so not only did they play all the motown hits, I also was familiar with Stardust by Hoogie Carmichael (don't judge, unless you hear it) and Sea of love, the song that made my Mother cry when she was  pregnant with me.

My son is the same way.  He loves music from Journey to Prince to Waylan Jennings to Bob Marley as well as older and more classic music and of course all the new artist as well.

I had never hear of  Mat Kearney, or so I thought until One2One Network offered me the opportunity to review his newest album Young Love.  And as soon as I heard the first track "Hey Mama", I recognized it.  I just never knew who the artist was.  I love this song.  It's just my style, with a feel good beat that just makes you happy.  This wonderful Nashville artist is generating new buzz and rightfully so.  Matt wrote the song "Hey Mama" for his wife a little more than a year ago, honoring their meeting.

Just take a listen and see if you don't love it too.  This album is so soulful with a hip-hop feel. 

The goodness doesn't end with that song either.  There are 10 wonderful tracks on this latest album.  I also noticed his album is also for sale at Christian book stores.

The album landed at #4 on the Billboard Top 200 and #1 on the Top Digital Albums Chart during it's first week!

Best of all One2One offered me the chance to see Matt here in Jacksonville on Sept. 14th.  Am I going?  You bet I am!  And I can't wait to come back with pictures to share.

Hope you enjoy Matt as much as I do.
Hugs...Tracy :)

Disclosure:  One2One Network provided me with the album so I could share my honest opinions with my readers.  Thank  you One2One Network and Matt Kearney.

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