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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Interior Design Inspiration at the Loveliest Blogs

I found a new blog the other day while searching for decorating inspiration.  What in the world did we do before blogging came along?  Now that I think of it, the world was a much smaller place when I was a child.  Decorating had it's value and place at our house more so than that of my Grandma and other older relatives, where decorating was a second or after thought to necessity and purpose.  Decorating was limited more to the geographical area's where we lived too.  And why wouldn't it be?

Television had only become a staple in every home in the 50's, not much before I had come along (did I really just say that?)  What a way to start my day!  There was no HGTV and even the "women's" talk shows spent more time on pleasing your husband and being a good cook, housekeeper and mother then they did on decorating.  I know, I totally veered off where I was going.  Oh' well, that's the upside for me being my on editor.

I want to introduce you to Michelle @  Hello Lovely Inc.  She's been blogging since 2008 and she's describes herself better than I ever could, so I'll let you just read her about me description.
"I'm Michele. I'm a mom, wife, and writer. Hello Lovely Inc is a collection of inspiring finds, creative ventures, and encouraging words. It's a place where I share dreams and rants and wishes. It's a place for room porn and to laugh (especially if you appreciate one-off humor). Besides a passion for creativity, my sensibilities lean toward beachy, romantic, tranquil, quirky, ethereal, meditative, and soulful.
After graduating from Northwestern University, I earned a master's degree in counseling at the University of Missouri-Columbia. A freelancer contributing regularly to more than 80 parenting/family/women's magazines, I also edit and write press. I love books, baking, creating art, design, and nesting. "

Michele's blog is lovely, indeed!
This is the post that I fell in love with.  She highlighted a beautifully decorated cottage interior designed by decorator Mabley Handler. 

I had already started picked my colors and starting painting when I found Michele's post and was happy to see that it had a color palate so close to mine.  Though my newly painted living room is not exactly like this, it's similar.  If you remember, we did not want to repaint all the molding in the rooms again, but I did (something I had to ease Neil into) want to lighten it up.  So our walls are now a creamy white to blend with the khaki (for lack of a better word) trim.  We have greenish/brown sofas and I'm wanting to introduce blue and beach colors without replacing those pieces. 

I wish I could say this was my room below but....ha, you know that's not true.  I am excited about the new colors and how much lighter my room feels.  And yes I will get around to posting pics soon.  We repaired sheetrock and painted 3 rooms so far with more to go.

If I was being a critic the only thing I would change is the kitchen color.  It's a little blah for me.  I love the flow of the entry hall and the living room and I get that she's keeping the flow going in the kitchen but I think a little more color to excite the eye would have been nice. 
Now this is the color I have been wanting in my bedroom and bath for the longest time.  I love the soothing pallet.  The palest of blues.  Was Ms. Handley stalking my dreams?  I've been in love with the fan coral, like the one framed above for over a year.  I love the white but I also love the colored coral as well and have been keeping a watch out for some to frame.
The bedding is the perfect cottage bedding to me!  It just takes me back to all our vacations growing up that were spent at the beach cottage.  The lamps are so vintage cool.  I'm already thinking about how easy those would be for all you diy lovers and copy cats like me to duplicate.  I love their shape.  The shades are what gives them the pop but I'm not really digging the gold and lacquered look.  I do love the aqua, just not the lacquer look of it.  Of course we all love the bead board and that headboard is perfect.  I'm wanting those pillows and that coverlet something awful.  Simply put....Gorgeous. 
To see more beautiful pictures of these rooms just click here.   Michele has tons of eye candy for you at hello lovely, inc.
Just my style.

Have a great day ya'll.
Hugs.....Tracy :)

Quote of the Day
be joyful always. 
pray continually.
give thanks in all circumstances.
                                       ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:16.18


  1. Good morning Tracy
    Thanks for sharing your new blogging friend I will of course have to check her site out. Sounds like a great person to meet here in our world of blogging.
    Hope you are doing well

  2. Tracy, I will visit her. Awesome decor!

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