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Monday, August 29, 2011

I Found The Most Beautiful Blog Post I Must Share

Have you ever come across a blog post that makes you want to sing and to cry at the same time.  Well that's exactly what I felt when I came across Anita's post at Castles Crowns and Cottages.  I hope you'll go check it out be sure to have your volumn up when you do.

Be blessed in all you have today freinds! XO's...Tracy :)

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  1. Oh Tracy,

    I am so touched, so blessed that you came across my blog for the first time, and felt this way. Wow. I'll tell you the truth; I want to be a poet. teehee....I feel like one of my sweet fourth graders who says, "When I grow up I want to be...." but I do. Blogging has unlocked some hidden desires and I think that it has been a tool for MANY OF US to discover talents, opportunities and especially FRIENDSHIPS that mean so much to us. I still cannot figure out why it is that people in our immediate lives do not respond so immediately to each others' needs as they do in blogland....maybe it is he distance, absence or sheer availability of communicating at any time. But it has been the best thing for me and for many, to get THE WORD OUT that stays locked in our minds and hearts. I LOVE PICASSO'S quote here! I may look up more of his....

    What a kind response to my post, Tracy. Off I go now to school. I am a very active blogger even during the school year, but this week MAY be difficult for me to keep up....I post only once a week, typically on Friday nights, so that is when you can find me. Many blessings to you dear Tracy and thank you for stopping by.

    BISOUS, Anita