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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Prayers are needed

I'm at a loss.  I don't know what to do, how to think, what to say.  The Dr. went in to open a vein in Nadine's leg today.  It didn't go well and it's not looking very promising.  They were not able to get much flow below the knee.  The foot has warmth but the toes are still like ice and the toe with the blister looks bad.  The Dr. told Neil he needs to be thinking about what would be best for his mother.  I don't even know what he means really.  He said he was afraid the toe might turn gangrene.  He said they can try just removing the toe or possibly the majority of the foot.  He said they would just watch it a couple of days and see if the white blood cell count goes up which would mean infection.  

It looks bad to me.  Lord knows,  she is 90 1/2.  How much can she take?  I don't even know what to pray for.  I just don't want to see her go through so much.  As you can tell by now, she's always been such a strong woman.  Neil's at the hospital with her now.  I know I sound like I'm rambling but that's exactly what my head feels like right now.  No one should have to go through this at that age.

Please keep her in your thoughts and if you do pray please, please pray for mercy for her.  I'm just devasted.


  1. Tracy, I'll be praying for your MIL and for you and your husband. I can imagine how hard it would be to see her like that.
    Hugs to you!

  2. Tracy,
    Oh my.....I am so sorry it has come to this for all three of you....now it is a REALLY tough decision. I hope the doctor can help your husband see that the end is near.....How tough surgery would bve on a 90 year old!!!! I am praying kiddo for the best outcome for all of you! Sandy

  3. I'm praying right now, sweetie.

  4. Sending prayers, dear Tracy for all your family,
    big hugs and lots of love,

  5. Lifting ... just pray, it doesn't have to be for anything but just her. Bless her ... sorry she is going thru this.

    We are in a blizzard literally right now ... YippEE!

    Have a wonderful day ~
    TTFN ~

  6. Dear Tracy,
    As I was reading, a thought came to mind. By thinking about what's best for her, pray for her suffering to end - in what ever way God sees best. AND for peace...
    As you know, I lost my mom in September-she would have been 62 in November. Yes, she was young and in decent health.
    Even though I would have preferred more time with her on this earth, I would not wish her back, not for one second. She is with her Lord and would not rather be anywhere else.
    One of the things the Lord has had me pray for your mother-in-law is that she would be at peace within her spirit and with Him.
    I will continue to pray for her and your family. I pray that peace will cover each and every one of you-HIS peace which surpasses all human understanding. I believe that as you all embrace that peace, you will all receive a release...in whatever form our GOOD Lord sees as best.
    With a heart full of His love,

  7. Dear Sweet Friend...I am so, so sorry. Marydon is right, she is wise in her advice, sometimes when you can't find the words and feel so lost and frustrated just remember that God already knows all of our needs, so you don't really need the words, he already knows the desire of your heart. I am praying for peace that passes understanding for all of you, and for comfort for your pain. Take care. XO Keke

  8. Sometimes the body can tell us what is best and what is needed. You have a choice of quality of life or quantity of life....a hard decision to make when one is not ready to let go. A very honest talk with the doctor is in order here. Best wishes to you guys in whatever decision is made.

  9. Oh my--prayers going up!! {{{{{{hugs }}}}}} to you all!

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your dear MIL.
    Please get in touch with the ANGELs at Hospice. They are not just there for us in our final days or hours, they are there for family support and guidance long before that.
    God Bless. Dawn

  11. I'm so sorry you and your family are having to go through this time right now. It is so hard to see someone we love in physical pain, and others we love in emotional pain! Please know that the prayers being said and the love God has for you and your family will give you strength you never knew you had. Take a little time to spend quietly, pray for His peace to wash over you, and know that he loves your MIL even more than you do! Prayers going up for you! Hang in there!!!