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Monday, January 31, 2011

CSN Stores Bring Back Childhood Memories

What was one of your best childhood memories?  I bet you anything it included a swing set somewhere along the way.  

I grew up in the sixties and you better believe a swing set was a necessity.  No computers therefore no computer games so outside was the place to be then.  And what fun we had.  We'd be outside all day and by the time we came in to clean up for dinner we were good and worn out.  

My closest cousin was only 2 months younger than me.  I clearly remember me wanting him to swing with me in the part that had the two seats facing each other.  Yeah, kinda girly and him wanting me to always ride the see-saw.  At least it was better than playing army.  What I remember most is climbing like a monkey to the top and hanging upside down.  This is very similar to the one we had.
 It's a true miracle that I'm alive today or at least a testament to my hard head. 

The reason I'm talking about swing sets is that I was lucky enough to hear from CSN Stores about doing another review for them.  I love it when CSN stores knock on my door or should I say bings my email. 
I couldn't help but take a peek at the swing sets and of course my reminiscing started.  I won't be buying a swing set with no little ones at home so now I only have to pick out something else from one of the 200+ stores.  No small task because they have everything.  But believe me when I say I'm up to the task and looking forward to it.  As soon as I decide what that special thing will be I'll let you know.

Of course our swing sets were nothing like the mega sets they have today. Now they have one for every budget, from simple to a full blown rock and rope climbing gym.  If my grands didn't live out of state I would love to get one of these.  It almost, I said ALMOST makes me wish I had little one's at home.  But if I wish that, I would have to wish I was twenty years younger too.

Do you have any fun stories of your childhood days and swing sets?  I'd love to hear them.

Have a blessed week y'all!  Hugs....Tracy :)

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  1. I remember my brother, sisters and I swinging so hard on our metal swingset that we could actually make it rock. Yikes! Boy, ignorance was bliss back then for moms and dads. :) We sure loved it, though!