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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Family In Need of Prayer

I thought I scheduled this to post this morning but am just now realizing that it didn't.  Please read about Debbie and I'll go now and look for an update.  Thanks.
Cheryl of ZanyMade just let me know that there is another wonderful blogger out there who can use all our prayers.  Debbie of House at the Lake was scheduled for a complete hysterectomy today (Tuesday) after receiving the devastating news in December that she has been diagnosed with uterine cancer.  They also planned to remove the Lymph nodes.  Afterward they will decide if radiation therapy will be needed.  

I don't know Debbie myself but hope you will join me in praying for another of God's daughters and her family, who is in need of being uplifted.  I haven't heard how things went today but once I do I will pass the word on.

Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven. For Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. 
Matthew 18: 19 & 20

So for all you PRAYER WARRIORS out there this is a call to unite!  
Hugs...Tracy :)

****Update Wed, Jan 12th from Laurie over at Heaven's Walk.  Please click on here to visit Laurie and read her beautiful prayer for Debbie.

She went in to surgery about 1:30pm on Tuesday afternoon
the doctors did a complete hysterectomy along with taking some lymph nodes
they also ended up taking a few inches of her small intestine
due to scarring from her crohn's disease
so surgery took a little longer than they expected
and she'll be in the hospital a few days longer than planned

she is in some pain ~ but is on some good pain meds

her wonderful husband is by her side
along with her loving daughters
the prayers that she needs now is for
complete and pain free healing
and that the tests for the lymph nodes come back clear.


  1. Tracy,
    I have put her on my prayer list and am asking God for what she needs to get thru this time....I have been to her blog and have really enjoyed it. I also do not know her personally, but feel herneed for prayer! Sandy

  2. Reaching out in prayer for Debbie praying for everything to be ok and a quick recovery!

  3. Just checking in..will put her on my prayer list.

    Hugs Cindy

  4. prayers sent! and will continue to pray for her!

  5. Hi Tracy, Thanks for Keeping the Prayer Chain going, I am hoping that Laurie will have some updates tomorrow.... Debbie is one of the Michigan Bloggers that I sure am hoping to meet one of these days ~ (I have not been posting to much, computer problems, so having to go to my daughters to check & post) Hope to be back soon