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Monday, May 10, 2010

Better Late Than Never - Geez I Hope That's True

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers day, whether you were the Mother or celebrated a Mother or both.  It was beautiful weather here and I really enjoyed getting outside.  But oh' am I sore and tired.  Ty called and I'm always so happy to hear from him.  Oh' how I'd like to see him and Christal and my sweet grandchildren.  I couldn't believe it when Ty said it was snowing in NY.  We had a little coolness move in so I went out side and could actually stand it more than 10 mins.  It's been close to the 90's here.  Which is only nice if you're at the beach.  

Back to my better late than never.  I've been so bad about posting lately.  But I received a prize I won last week and as excited as I get I haven't shown ya'll yet.  I'm always so grateful when I win.  I hate anyone to think I don't appreciate it.  So I hope Samantha over at Scrapmaster's Paradise will forgive me.  She had a huge giveaway.  She said she was Spring Cleaning.  Anyway she actually had about 25 giveaways, give or take one or two.  I don't know how she could possibly afford to ship to so many winners but lucky for me she did.  I won give away #23.  I love to win anything that I can use to craft with.  There was a photo album, stickers, ribbons and cards.  Boy will I have fun.  Samantha has a wonder site and makes the most beautiful cards.  She's a Stampin' UP Demonstrator.  Just click on her name or her site and stop in and see all her pretty work.  Thank you again Samantha!

Stayed tuned....I'm still trying to get some of the items I've made for my Etsy store posted to show you.   I have another win to post about and I also have a new review which in turn means a new giveaway to ya'll.  

Have a great week friends.  Hugs and smiles....Tracy :)


  1. Haven't you just loved the weather being a tad cooler? Yesterday was beautiful! Congrats on your win girl. Be blessed. Cindy

  2. Congrats on winning a prize! How fun!
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Thanks for thinking of me. :)

  3. What lovely treasures you won! How nice to have warm weather ... our heat wave is over & 'fall' returned ... chuckle!

    Have a wonderful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  4. Hi Tracy!
    Congratulations on your bloggy winnings. We sure are getting into our warm weather, aren't we? I couldn't believe it when our kids in Wisconsin said they were getting snow, too, last week! Gee!
    I'm having a little surprise this week, so be sure to read my post tomorrow for details.