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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Need To Get A Few Things Clear!

Hi Ya'll.  Just a quick post because I need to get a few things clear. (and off my chest)
So I'll make this quick and short.

  • I miss you all
  • I want more time 
  • My head can't hold anymore ideas.  Shoot it can't hold what's in it now.
  • I can't stop looking for new ideas.
  • I love Neil and my MIL but I want some quite time and at least twenty (I could've asked for 24 but why be greedy) more hours each day to read and visit blogs
  • I want a week of blog school and can they please include a days worth of instructions on how the heck to tweet and facebook.
  • I want to run away from home often
  • I'm tired
  • I'm way older than I'm supposed to be, feeling it and definitely looking
  • I didn't earn enough money in my younger years to afford a face lift or a private fitness trainer
  • This is not the life I planned but God has his own plan.
  • I need more time with God.  And guess who's fault it is that I'm not getting it.  Hint:  It's not his.
  • Why are days so long when you're a kid and so short when you grow up.
  • I'm 50 and still have no plan and don't know what I want to be before I die.
  • My blogland friends are my lifeline.  I love ya'll.  Thanks for helping me when I freak out, complain too much and just whine.
Panic, clingy hugs to you all.....Tracy :)

Oh' I almost forgot.  Here's a reversible apron I made.  It has a really full gather skirt and a scalloped edge. 

Whatta think?  

 If you get time stop by my Etsy shop Cotton Pickin Cute.  I could use some etsy love too (or at least like).  I hope to list this one by tomorrow.


  1. Hang in there sweet Tracy!! I love this apron!! The printed fabric is so cheery and makes me smile... maybe you need to wear it and when you are feeling down just look at that cute fabric and you'll smile!! : )

  2. Just beautiful, Tracy!

    Big hugs to you!

  3. That apron is so cute!! I wish I could sew. I have a machine and no idea how to even thread it.(It was used and was given to me but with no instructions.)I can also relate to a lot of things you needed to get clear. I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy and am glad that I found your blog.

  4. What a darling creation, Tracy! It would sure perk ME up ...
    Have a lovely week.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Hi Tracy:
    Love your new girly apron. I wear aprons every night when I cook. It keeps my messy ways away from my clothes! Take care, Sweetie!

  6. Tracy,
    Thanks for stopping by earlier today! LOVE this apron. A cute apron makes time spent in the kitchen just a little more fun!

    Whimsy. Love it!