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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Every Flower Is Proof of Gods Gifts

I look around and see the blossoms in my unkempt garden and realize that even though I can't keep up, God can.  His miracles keep coming.  He never falters.  He is always there.  He gives us all we need.  

Yes he gives us opportunities to build on.  He shows us that the beauty is there.  He's done the hard part....He is the Creator!   We are equipped with at minimum the basics, we each have some talent, something to give or share.  He gave me these reminders in these flowers. 

Although I haven't been putting in the effort to increase the blooms or to tend them and turn them into a beautiful garden, he has shown me that he's still they're waiting for me.  His love is exactly the same.  I can tend to it, desire to grow in it, nurture it by searching for him and reading his word each day.   

Thank you Dear Lord for not forgetting me!

I hope ya'll enjoy the flowers that he's provided.  Love and Hugs to you all......Tracy :)


  1. Thank you for this today! Much needed read for me. Be blessed. Cindy

  2. Gorgeous! When I was a little girl (think toddler) my Papa had flowers everywhere. I was blessed to grow up fot the first 7 years of my life with grandparents living in the cottage behind my house. My aunt, uncle, and two boy cousins shared a fence with us and acoss the dirt road lived another aunt, uncle and 6 cousins. These flowers reminded me of GOD's many blessings. Even though both my Nana and Papa and some of those aunts and uncles have gone on to see Jesus, I know that God blessed me and plans for me even way back then when I was picking Papa's flowers when I shouldn't have been. Thanks for sharing your lovelies.

  3. Tracy:
    Your flowers are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing the images. It's like being right there in your garden with you.