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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love The Decor Giveaway

I know I can't be the only one who loves a giveaway.  And you all know by now how much I love them!  They're so much fun, of course I love to win but no matter, I still know someone got a happy thrill and blessing out of it.  Winning always makes you feel so special.

Tonight I'm sharing a giveaway that my friend Debbie is having over at Love the Decor.  Most of you probably already know Debbie and her wonderful blog and well if you don't then ~ why the heck not?
Debbie provides online decorating consulting to help you with any decorating issues you might have.  And her blog is about much more than that.  She's a people person with a love for God and family.

CSN Stores is sponsoring this giveaway and as you can see from the pictures it's a bright cheery one.  Her giveaway is ending on April 12th so hurry and get your entry in.  

Hugs...Tracy :)

P.S.  I received a win in the mail today.  I love, love, love receiving mail.  If I can get time tomorrow I'll get a post up.  And thank you ALL for your comments and prayers, they mean everything to me and they help me get through each day.  I promise I will get time someday soon to write back to each of you.  I think of all my dear friends everyday and you're on my mind when I lay down.  I thank God for your comfort to me.




  1. You are so sweet to post about this giveaway!!
    Hope you are doing well my friend!

  2. Hey sweets! Oh those pillows are awesome! Love the colors! Big hugs


  3. Yep, already entered. Aren't they adorable! Be blessed. Cindy