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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aprons 7 and 8 and a MIL On The Mend

First I want to thank everyone for all their prayers and and kind words.  Believe it our not my MIL has finally turned a corner.  For the last 2 days she as started to get up each day and eat something and sit in the living room with us.  She even took a ride with us today.  She did mention her back hurting a couple of times.  One day she says it's the rib and the next it's the back, she's having a trouble explaining exactly where she hurts.  But it was very scary for a while.  I really wasn't sure that she was going to be okay but just like being sick with any thing else she woke one day and seemed much better.  What a relief for us and her.  It's so hard to see someone you care about in pain.  I'm so grateful to have all of you to ease my fears and just comfort me in general.

I have just about caught ya'll up on the aprons that are already made.  I have 2 to show you today and I'll post another one tomorrow.  I have some other things to show you for the rest of the week.  Hopefully I'll have more time to visit and can concentrate enough to put a whole sentence together.

Is anyone tired of seeing my aprons displayed on my grape arbor enough to donate a dress form?  LOL.

This one is made from a handmade crib quilt.  See the little heart stitches throughout.  The quilt is such a soft faded greenish blue and yellow.

I've used some vintage doilies for trim and a double pocket lined with some muslin.

I even used a doily for a handmade flower accent.

Another Scottie Apron in half  apron style.

Yellow Ric-Rac to brighten it up just a bit.

And a heart pocket to tuck something into.

That's all for today Sweetpea's.  Comeback and visit tomorrow.  And please if you can spare the time leave a comment, I love reading each and everyone so much.  Thank you to those who have left so many kind words already.

Hugs....Tracy :)


  1. so happy to hear things are improving for your MIL, it can be quite difficult when our loved ones are ill or injured. The apron is just lovely, can't wait to see what else you're making!

  2. You are amazing girl! You have some talent. Been praying for you and your family. Please know this because I can't convey this enough....You are doing everything you need to do for your MIL...she is being taken care of....But I pray for your strenght, for humor in the midst of choas, (We have to laugh sometimes to keep from crying) for you to just simply crawl up in the lap of Jesus and rest.....Sweet lady...been where you are and God is so in charge! Be blessed. Cindy

  3. I love seeing them displayed on your grape arbor, sugar! I make aprons and know pretty ones when I see them and yours ARE lovely, chickee!

  4. Thinking of you my friend and lifting you and your family and your MIL up to the Most High.

    What talent you have...you are blessed.

    Love, Rebecca

  5. your aprons are Amazing! thanks for sharing & keep up the good work. I am so glad your MIL is better & continued healing thoughts & prayers for her.

  6. Hi Tracy!
    Your aprons are just darling! You are truley talented.
    Praying for your MIL, you and your family.
    XO Mary

  7. Hey chickadee!!!
    OHHH I so love these aprons the most!! you think you could make me one if I sent you a pic of one I love? I would send ya the money through paypal or in your package this week! email me to let me know! And I love that you use your arbor its so southern and sweet! and different not like all the fish in the sea! hehe big hugs


  8. You most certainly are the Queen of the Aprons! That top one, from the baby quilt? It's my all time favorite! Love it!!! I love them all, those the little scotties are very sweet, but you outdid yourself on the top one!

    Glad your MIL is doing better. Hope you can get a day of peaceful sewing in!

  9. Hi Tracey
    Glad things are looking up for your MIL! Nope, don't have to put in six entries, you have them all!! Next month is going to be deliciously all pink!! Later,Lori

  10. They are both great, but I really love the blue & white one!