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Saturday, April 17, 2010

I've Been In A Couple of Swaps - Wanna See?

I hope everyone is having a beautiful sunny spring weekend.

I participated in a couple of swaps the last few months and I thought I show ya'll some pictures. 

The first swap was the May Day Petite Basket Swap hosted by Jenny at Fated Follies.  This was my first swap with Jenny and what a sweet person she is.  Please take a minute to go by and check out Fated Follies, you'll make a lovely new friend.  This was such fun.  My swap partner was Michele at Michele's Treasures, Teacups & Tumbling Rose Cottage.  Just take a look below at the precious basket I received from her this week.

I wish I had taken more pictures of everything.  I felt like I'd found a treasure chest when I unwrapped this little beauty.  She got so many wonderful items in this sweet little basket.  It was shrink wrapped and looked like it just came out of an old Victorian Shop (well, except for they didn't have shrink wrap).  LOL.  Isn't it just precious.  She made the most beautiful pendant and put it in a little vintage velvet lined jewel holder.  At least I had the sense to take a picture before I ripped into it.  My first instinct was pure excitement and to rip it open right then.  But here's a little list of the things inside.

Beautiful custom pendant by Michele
Vintage Hankerchief
Vintage Arm & Hammer Trading Card
A vintage bread of life card
Vintage Aluminum tea leaf holder loaded with vintage buttons
A bag of English Breakfast tea
Vintage shaker with wonderful glitter
Vintage lace trim
A lovely jewel lapel pin
tatted flower
Sweetest smelling rose flower soap by Caswell -Massey
Little bouquets of vintage posy's
A crystal studded acorn fob
A petite ceramic vintage knob
A vintage thimble

I can't begin to describe how good everything smelled because of the soap, which I will by the way use in my undie drawer.
Her blog is so pretty.  She makes the most wonderful vintage and  Victorian-inspired jewelry.  She also has a couple of shops.  You can find her on Etsy under glassbeadtreasures just click here.  You can go to lollishopsglassbeadtreasures or click here.  And treasures they are.  You will love her shop and all her designs and goodies!  Below you'll see a couple of items she has created that I borrowed from her page, hope she'll forgive me.  Her photos are much, much better than mine and you all know how I love glitz, glitter and jewels.   I just couldn't resist.  I adore and covet this perfume bottle she's jeweled up!!!

Don't you love this beautiful jeweled locket that shes created.  This is in the same style as the pendant that I received.  Lucky Me!!! You definitely want to take a peek in her shops!

I'm not going to post a picture of the basket I sent her for two reasons.  
Reason #1 and most important.  She hasn't received hers yet.
Reason #2 Beause I always get so excited that I forget to take pictures.  By the way, ya'll should know that by now.  
I'm going to hope that Michele will take a couple of photos so that I can borrow them too.  Hee-hee.

2nd Swap

The 2nd swap was the Pin Cushion DIY & Swap hosted by Leigh-Ann at Freckled Nest.  Just click here to check out her blog Freckled Nest.  

This was the first pincushion I had ever made.  I won't post the name of my swap partner because I never received a pincushion from her.  This was over a month ago.  When I emailed she said she was out of town taking care of her Mother but her sister at home said my pincushion package had arrived and she'd mail my the next week when she returned home.  I did try email her once more to let her know I hadn't received it but no rush.  She never contacted me back.  I hope she wasn't disappointed with the one I had made.  

Here's the picture of the one I sent her.
I know your tired of hearing me apologize for the crummy photos.  My camera is really old and more importantly I have no photography skills.

What do you think of my little Mushroom House Pincushion.  The pattern was very easy, my embroidery skills however could use a little practice.  I wish I could take credit for the design but that would not be right or true.  This design came from The Little House By The Sea's blog.  She has listed the free pattern and tutorial here if you'd like to check it out.

Maybe this just wasn't what my swap partner had in mind for a pin cushion.  I was really hoping she would like it.  I guess I can't win them all.

Enjoy you SaturdayYa'll.   Hugs and smiles....Tracy :)


  1. Ooh, sound like you had a ball with this! I love your pin cushion and on my goodness at the goodies you have in your basket! How adorable. Have a great weekend. I'm fixing to start on my granddaughter's birthday cake! Be blessed. Cindy

  2. what lovely treasures you have there! love the little mushroom, your skills are just fine sweetie :)

  3. I'm always amazed at the things talented hands create. How wonderful to you!

    Thanks for sharing my friend. Happy Saturday!

    Love, Rebecca

  4. Hey Tracy, love that bejeweled perfume bottle, it's so creatively done! You received some wonderful things, have a great weekend, sweetie,

  5. Tracy~ I'm love to seethe talents that are brimming over here in blogland. What a collection of beautiful treasures. I'm sure they'll be cherished and you'll find the perfect spot for them.

    Hope to see you soon. I look forward to your company.

    Sweet wishes,

  6. Thank you so much, Tracy. I'm glad you're pleased. ; ) LOVE that pin cushion. Talk about cute! Hope your partner comes through. Have a great week.

  7. Hi Tracy!
    Wow!!! What a basket you got! Oh my, everything is so delightful! I have to get in on a few swaps on of these days! And I love your pincushion mushroom. I am sure the woman you sent it to just adored it and you probably made her day when she got it. I am sure when her life calms down, you will hear from her!

    Hope you had a great weekend. And I think your embriodery skills are fantastic!

  8. Lovely swap! It's all so pretty & I'm loving that bottle!

  9. That is simply the sweetest pin cushion I have ever seen!!

  10. Looks like fun!

    What a shame that your partner flaked :( Your pincushion is really cute!