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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Day Left To Enter Fall Giveaway & Craft A Day Is Back

Hello. Do you remember me and my big mouth. Well I haven't exactly kept my word but I didn't stop crafting. Somehow I'd start one craft need something or someone here would need something and so on and so one. So in the middle of one craft I would start another one. I have been crafting everyday. Ya'll just haven't been able to see it. There is a very special friend that I'm sending something I made to but I wanted to be able to include the tags for a tag swap that I owe her and I also wanted to make a few things to show my gratitude for some past sweetness she has done for me. I'll show you the pics after I think she received everything.

On top of that this camera has me so frustrated it's like why did I commit to do something when my pictures don't even show what they look like. (Sorry, I'm frustrated). A sweet new friend Pam has been so kind and tried to give me some help but so far I haven't been able to find it on this camera.

So now after all my whining are the pictures of one craft. I decoupaged these bird house ornaments. (Believe me, they look prettier than the photos show).

*****Also, I wanted to remind you if you have not entered my fall giveaway do it now. The deadline to enter is Wednesday at midnight. That gives you one more day.****

I made 3 of them.

I bought these houses already built at the Dollar Tree. Guess how much I paid for them. Ya'll are so smart, yep $1.00 apiece. First I painted all of them white where it might show. Then I covered this one with a pretty white scrapbook paper with blue violets. I cut some other flowers, butterflies & dragon flies from some more paper and decoupaged them on top. I trimmed the eves and base with some more paper. I replaced the twine hanger with ribbon and added a banner that I cut from a box of tea and some satin roses.

Here's the back side.

More of the same steps. You get the idea.

Here's the back side. I used some heart shaped paper clips placed in a circle with a little flower and button on top.

This one's a little different. I used a really pretty paper in warmer colors. It would be great on my country tree. (I have a formal pink decorated tree and a country one, if I have the energy to put both up). For the roof I used acorn caps that are plentiful in my yard right now. Then I glue reindeer moss in between. I added some jeweled fall leaves and the hanger off with a raffia bow. Easy as came be. Would be much easier if you have all your colors picked out and gathered up when you start. Once you get started on a project like this you suddenly remember what you could use all those cute little odds and ends they sale for. I wish the mailman would bring me a ton of old lace, toy pieces and craft items. Oh' did you say that's what everybody wishes for? Hee-Hee.

Well, that's it for today. But I promise you'll see more crafts everyday I hope. Actually I'm hoping that you get more than one a day to make of for the ones I missed. They're in the works.
Thanks for visiting ya'll. I know I'm repeating myself but your comments do mean so much to me and knowing you visit warms my heart.
Have a warm sweet night. Hug....Tracy :)


  1. Even if you can't keep up with it good for you for trying! I am lucky if I get one thing accomplished a week!

  2. Tracy, these are beautiful!! Well done!


  3. Well, they are so very cute. So clever of you to cut out the cute banner on a tea carton! You are a smarty! What's nice is these ending up costing so little - I like that.
    Love the little acorn birdhouse the most.

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  4. Hi Tracy, these little houses are so cute! I agonised so much over my failing camera...I could not afford a new one so quickly bought a disposal, had the film developed in an hour, scanned pictures and voila! Not a bad alternative in an emergency! Keep up the cute crafting.
    Best regards

  5. Tracy those are so cute....please enter me in your drawing...

  6. Ohhhhhh these are gorgeous Tracy!! You did such a beautiful job!!
    Hugs, Carol Anne :)