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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This is a BIG one ~ Like 30 days BIG

Oh my, oh my. I'm not sure but I might have lost all sense and sensibilities. Either that or the one day of fresh chilly air has invigorated me (at least for a little while). That's where ya'll come in but I'm skipping ahead, let me go back to the beginning so you'll know what I'm talking about. Okay are you ready? Has the suspense and excitement built up yet? I can't hear you. Hello are you still awake? Okay here goes.
********** I'm planning on doing 30 crafts in 30 days!!! **********
Stop laughing, enough already. It's not totally impossible. Is it? Oh', I'm already starting to doubt myself. Nope, not going there. No negative thoughts. Breath, Breath, Breath.
Okay, all better. I'm such a procrastinator. I know that's a nasty little habit. It's not like I just picked it up. I got it passed down to me, topped with my own little quirk of daydreaming a lot ~ well, that's just not a good combination. I know what your thinking, you can change anything you want to. But to be honest it's just not that easy, especially after so many years. It's kind of like an addiction. I'm just grateful that's the only addiction I've got well besides sweets and chocolate, which is a whole nother post.
There I go digressing again.
So that is where ya'll come in. I'm going to need some encouragement. Your encourage in everyday life means so much but for 30 days of crafts - whew - just let me reiterate - I need you and your encouragement.
Now these won't be a build an addition type crafts, I can't cram a week into a day, obviously. Come on, get real. This will be simple and fun crafts, up-cycle projects, holiday ideas ~ who knows really ~ a hodgepodge of projects ~ a potpourri of crafts and ideas.
If I wasn't such a procrastinator this would have begun all proper like on November 1st and ended on November 30th. Alas, not my 30 days. This one starts at the end of the first day which is today November 3rd.
So come on ya'll make a commitment to me, promise to come by and encourage me. Share some ideas. I love you guys and can't do it alone.
I'm going to try and create tutorials for some of these as a I go, as if ya'll probably couldn't figure it out on your own. Ha-ha. The first few will be of things I've just recently done, hence no tutorial.
So here we go, let the party start!
Blessing to you all.....Tracy :)
Project Day #1

Actually I did this scarecrow a few years ago. I just thought it was an appropriate time to show it. He was made with muslin and a few other fabric scraps and a little raffia. Easy to do face with magic markers. When I hung him up last year I added couple of extra nails in and hung the raffia on his wrist and ankle so it looked like he was waving and jumping. He had a little more raffia hair coming out from under his hat but I guess the stress of being boxed up in the attic made his hair fall out. Ha-Ha.

Here's a close up of his happy face. As you can tell by the crow on his shoulder he didn't take his job of being a scarecrow too seriously.

*****Don't forget to come back tomorrow, (Earlier I hope) and see what's next for day #2!

Please leave comments. I love reading them and it lets me know you cared enought to stop by.
Hugs and blessings....Tracy


  1. Tracy ~ Hi! He is a friendly little scarecrow and very cute! Wow, what a jam-packed 30 days it will be for you - but so much fun for you too - and us!! Yay! Well, be sure to enjoy this crafting time and posting also. Please don't let pressure build up and rob you of that. I do know about this procrastination thing. Big part of my life. Adds lots of frustation that's for sure. Anyway, onward.....You can do it!!!!!

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  2. Love your scarecrow, and I can't wait to see your crafts. I'm always looking for something quick & cute to make. I'm enjoying your blog.

  3. Wow that is a big commitment, I sure wish you luck I certainly would never be able to commit to that one. I will stop back by to lend my support (:
    Hugs, Diane

  4. Tracy, You brave, brave girl! 30 crafts in 30 days! Now this I will have to tune in every day to see! You are off to a wonderful start with your scarecrow. He's adorable. I'll be back tomorrow! Elizabeth

  5. What an ambitious project, but a cool one! Thanks for your comment, and for coming by. Yes, I was in Jacksonville staying with family, but the house is in Howey. I'm not sure when the auction is, but if you like vintage trims, it will be worth driving to. Especially if you have time to shop in Mt.Dora on the way. I love that area!


  6. Hi Tracy, I just love your scarecrow, you did a fabulous job making him, he is so cute! Wow, a craft a day for 30 days...sounds like you are going to be very busy but having fun at the same time! I love getting new ideas for projects so I can hardly wait to see the lovely crafts you show us!
    Hugs, Carol Anne :)