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Friday, November 6, 2009

Please Join Me For A Cookie

Hey Ya'll.

I just hate showing you the pictures with this camera but it's all I've got. I spent a little time baking this morning. And no this is not the craft of the day. I hope to get that on before midnight tonight.

If you like something really sweet then you will love these Cream Cheese Cookies. They're really easy too.

How do you like my early Camellia flowers. These scrubs are so pretty but the flowers are very hard to arrange (as if my arrange would look any different if they weren't). They are usually displayed floating in a bowl, especially the hugh multi-bloom ones that bloom after the cold. I wish you could see how delicate the color is. Such a soft white and pink with a touch of bright yellow in side.

I've listed the recipe below if you'd like to try it. They're yummy and you store them in the fridge, that is if they last that long. Honestly I have a major sweet tooth but I couldn't eat more than two of these at the time.

Cream Cheese Cookies
1 package yellow cake mix
1 stick butter (soften to room temp)
1 egg
1 package pecans chopped (optional)
In large deep bowl blend above 4 ingredients with a pastry blender. ( I used my kitchen aid mixer on low and it worked fine). In a greased 9 x 3 cake pan (with greased hands) lightly press dough in pan bottom. Layer will be stiff and thin.
1 box 10x confectioners sugar
2 eggs
8 oz package cream cheese (softened to room temp) and pour over 1st layer. Bake at 350 till medium golden brown, approximately 40-50 minutes. Checking often toward end. Cookies are easier to cut when completely cool. If possible refrigerate several hours.
I hope you try it. If you do let me know what you think.
I'll be back later with a craft for day 4 (I hope).
Have a fun filled weekend. Hugs...Tracy :)


  1. looks yummy...great presentation

  2. Oh My Gosh, Tracy, those look delicious! If those were setting in my fridge I'd have frostbite, just opening the door so much! Now I'm hungry and it's almost 12:30! Have a great weekend, girl!

  3. eeekkk I want! hehe Looks so yummy stupid cream cheese its sooo bad for me! but who cares its the holidays hahahaha big hugs


    I have missed ya too! I missed not being able to talk to everyone!

  4. Hi Tracy,
    Happy Pink Saturday. Yummy...I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and those cookies look yummilicious! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe with us. Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Hi Tracy! Ohhhhh your cookies look absolutely delicious!! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe...I know my husband and I will just love them!!
    Hugs, Carol Anne :)

  6. Hi Tracy
    Having a lazy morning,yes i should be baking the wedding cake! I think I have hit wedding burnout! Seriously, I so want to be back crafting in pink and decorating and baking for the holidays! Soon, right, very soon! I really miss talking to you, we'll catch up soon! Lori

  7. Oh those look yummy--please post them to the Celebrate the Holidays party so I have the recipe. Check out the tutorial and give-a-way today.


  8. Those cookies look so yummy! I LOVE Camellia flowers they smell wonderful! Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog. Happy crafting!