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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Simple Money Saving Tip In My Kitchen

Our lifestyle has changed a lot over the past 5 years.  Gone are the days and nights of going out to eat more than eating at home.  We gradually started cutting out the number of times we ate out to now rarely eating out, even fast food.  Now in these hard times where every dollar penny counts, we are stretching the grocery budget too.  I'd thought I'd share one of the ways I save.
I only buy my meats when they are buy one, get one free.  And even than you can search the ads and save by carefully watching the per pound price.  It's a little more work than the days of absent mindedly buying it conveniently wrapped in the per use size packages but the savings are so worth it. On my latest shopping trip I purchase one package of boneless pork chops and, one package of boneless chicken breast at the buy one, get one free price.  I also bought the hamburger in a three pound pack because it was on sale. 

I separated the hamburger into 1lb packages which will make 3 various meals.  We had hamburgers and homemade french fries last night.  One night will be spaghetti and one night will be hamburger helper, which I only buy when I can get it for $1.00 a box.  Not my favorite but it's a must because Neil likes it.

I separate the pork chops into packages of 2 each, so that gave me 7 more meals.  One package ended up with 3 chops.  You can see our favorite pork chop recipe here.

The chicken breast are so big that I usely cut one in half for my meal and a whole one for Neil.  A lot of time I grill the chicken for salads, so once it's cooked it just gets cut up to top the salad with anyway.  That gave me another 4 meals.
I use glad cling wrap because I think it does cling better than some of the others, although I'll try anything else once.  I wrap each piece of meat separately because I'm notorious for taking the meat out of the freeze at the last minute and I can easily separate the pieces for faster defrosting. 

Then each nights meat gets put inside a plastic bag, cheapest wins here.  Squeeze out the air and they're almost freezer ready.
I use a permanent marker to label each bag with the number of pieces of meat, the name of the meat and the date.  We have lots of Fed Ex sticky printing labels that we use to ship with.   They're free by the way. 

Be sure to rotate your meats as you add them to the freezer by pulling the older ones out and adding them to the top.  I stake like meats together and it makes it so easy to see exactly what I have at a glance. 

So now I'm set with 14 package meals, for 14 nights worth of dinner.   We'll see what meat's on sale next week to add to the freezer.

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  1. Tracy, I do all these ideas, too. One thing I do with my chicken breasts, though is pound them out so they're slightly flat and then I freeze them on a sheet tray before I bag them. It saves a lot of space in the fridge.

  2. Ditto on buying in bulk when it's on sale. We're stretching our pennies here too...as are most everyone these days.

    What I've been doing lately (cuz I've been lazy) is instead of separateing them when I get home, is to throw it all in the freezer. Then when the meat gets pulled out for a meal, cook the whole package, use what I need for that meal and separate the rest for other meals and its already cooked.


  3. I hear ya Tracy. We do the same here as well. :) Saving those pennies :)

  4. Hi Tracy, Even when times are good, I think saving and being resorceful is in my blood. Hubby and I always buy a half beef and pork. The hamburger he had pkg'd in 1 1/2# pkgs. Really too much for us. He needs to do pounds next time. I get three to four meals out of each. Whenever we cook up a steak I save one and cut it up for fajaitas or tacos. You've got some great ideas. Happy to hop in for a visit!