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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bathroom Organizing Tips and Purex- Jockey Giveaway Ends Tonight

I just added this photo to see if it would show up on my reader.  One day my reader photo shows up, the next it doesn't.  I don't know what's going on.  I've tried everything.  It's just being weird and stupid and I'm just frustrated.  Uggghhh.

With things heading back to somewhat normal here, I can share some of the things that I've done over the past few months but never had time to tell  you about.
To make a box to hold my cotton pads I just cut the lid off an face cream box and wrapped it with scrapbook paper.  I cut a flower shape out with my cricut, glued some twill seam tape around the edge and added ribbon and a button to finish it off.  It's just the right size.  Not a dime spent.
Like the photo above.  When I was organizing my medicine cabinet, I stopped to think about what I could reuse or recycle to keep money from being spent and to put creativity to use. 
I hated to throw away this plastic air freshener when it was empty, especially since the blue and the little design on the front reminded me of the beach.  Being small made it just the right size for Q-tips.
Now everything in the shelf is neat and organized.  Even though this is our guest bath, I like to have everything I need in this bath too.  There's a lot of times I'll wash up and brush my teeth in here.
It's a very small room.  The picture above and below is what you see when you walk in the room.  Pretty simple and what more would you want for a 1/2 bath between the kitchen and the living room.  You can see a little of the larger shelf I made from our old picket fence in the photo above.  The pic below shows the reflection of the two smaller shelves I made. No money there ~ woo-hoo!    
But then I needed some new hand towels that match the new look.  I remembered that I had a set of brand new bath towels that I bought years ago and was waiting, and waiting and waiting for our master bath to get to a  decorating point.  Yeah, I'm still waiting.  It's going to happen this year, I just know it. Sooner than later.  These towels had gotten some weird red stain (probably from the liner paper) so no harm, no foul in cutting them up.  I searched through my fabric stash and found the beachy striped fabric. Really it was originally a shower curtain.  Great tip, if you need fabric you can save money by using a tablecloth, bedspread, sheet or shower curtain.  Much cheaper by the yard, especially when you get it at the thrift store.
I used an old hand towel to determine the size to cut my towel. I then cut the striped shower curtain/fabric 5" wide and double the width of the towel so I could pleat it. After stitching I added the brown grosgrain ribbon.  Can you guess how much I spent on the towel?  $0.00, yep.  You're catching on.
I received my choice of  stencils to do a review and giveaway for Cutting Edge Stencils.   I didn't want an overall pattern so I decide to just add a little scroll work on the walls. You can see that makeover post here.
It took less than one picket of the fencing to make each shelf.  After cleaning them, I dry brushed them with some white paint.  I love the little bird cage candle holders I had in my stash of what-nots, so I just painted it an turquoise shade and added a little battery operated flickering candle.  You can pick those up at Dollar Tree.  They come in packs of 2 or 3 for $1.  And then the little vintage planter, I think it's Mccoy or Hull is so sweet.  I've used it to hold some decorative beachy soaps.  I had all these things on hand too.  Sooo another $0.00 added to the budget.  That makes me sorta giddy!
I did update my vase with a new batch of dried, scented flowers and some shells.  After using a 40% off coupon at Joann's I spent about $6.00 on them.  And they smell so good.  I couldn't throw away the pretty ribbon they were tied with so I added it to the vase too.
I hope you enjoyed seeing the bath redo.  Come back soon and see what else I've been up to around here.

Don't forget tonight is the last night you can enter the Purex - Jockey Sports Bra giveaway.  Just click the button at the top of my right sidebar.  There are two other giveaways ending soon too.

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