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Saturday, January 7, 2012

God Bless You All

Thank you all so much for being here for Neil and me.  Each comment has comforted my heart and it's meant so much to Neil to hear that your all praying for him and his mother.  When I can think clear and leave his side more than a few minutes at the time, I will be by to visit each of  you.  God bless everyone of you.  My heart has so much love for you at this time.  It's harder than we think it will be and without your words of compassion I don't think I could bare it.  I'm so scared of the depression that is lurking ahead for us and trying to keep my sights on Gods promise and knowing she will be reunited with Neil's 2 brothers and his dad.

With a heart full of love and warmest hugs....Tracy ♥


  1. Tracy~
    I just checked my emails & found yours. I have been continually praying for Nadine & your family. I know it has to be so hard to let go, but it sounds like it is the right answer at this time. Your family may have made the decision to take her off the ventilator, but God makes the decision when to take her home. When she leaves here, she will be the happiest she has ever been in her life, and I know that you already know that. My prayers are with you all in this continuing journey.
    Many Blessings & Hugs,

  2. Oh tracy, I wish I had the perfect words, but everything I think of saying just sounds so "eh" I guess theres nothing I can say to make it better.. just know that I will be praying for you and Neil. You mentioned that he has already lost two brothers and his dad too... thats a lot to lose. does he have any other family members left? my heart surely goes out to you both.

  3. You are safely held in the arms of the loving Father, right in the center of His will. I am/will be praying for sound mind as you seek comfort in the shelter of His wings; being filled with hope, comfort and an expectation of strength and grace.
    I love you dear sweet woman!
    Peace & blessings,

  4. Just letting you know that you, Neil, his mom and the rest of the family are never far from my mind. My heart goes out to all of you and my prayers continue for all of you.

  5. Hi Tracy,
    Just wanted you guys to know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly this weekend. Sending you a hug through the internet!

  6. Oh Tracy,
    I know this has been a hard hard journey for both of you with many ups and downs, but how wondrful for her! She is whole and healthy and with her loved ones on the other side....Neil just has to keep that in the front of his mind!!!! I lost a very very good friend this year, only 51 years old....I feel so cheated. But I know he is in a much better spot and I will see him again. Take comfort in that thought! I think you often my friend! Love, Sandy

  7. Hi Tracy. I am so sorry that I haven't been there for y'all. I have been totally wrapped up in my own grief over my best friend. They took her off the ventilator on the 29th of December and she passed away that night. We buried her last Tuesday.

    I will definitely keep you and Neil in my prayers. I won't try to comfort you by saying all of the "normal cliches" although they are true. I just know from my own experience that when I am hurting and feeling the emptiness, the last thing I want to hear is "she's in a better place", or it gets better. I wanted to scream! I know the first one is true, but that doesn't make me miss her any less. The last was is not so true. It doesn't get better, we just learn to cope with it better. My mom passed over 43 years ago and I still cry when I hear her favorite songs or on Mother's Day or her birthday. It doesn't "sting" so much, but there is definitely a sense of loss. Anyway, I will keep y'all in my prayers for God to keep His hand on you and give you comfort and strength. I'm glad you like my challenges. It's amazing how much I figured out I must "skim over". I only knew about Mount Sinai, and Mount Olivet. LOL! I remember seeing the other names in the Bible, but nothing about them! LOL! OOPS! I'm telling on myself!

    God Bless,