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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Florida Does Have It's Benefits

I love the way the light plays in the water.  Even after dark the lights across the river sparkle like rays of light across the water.

I love the weather we're having. Such clear sky's without the summers heat putting a big ole' haze on it.  I had to grab my camera when I saw this beautiful view out my window.  I really enjoy getting a few cold days before summer but it's days like today that are really beautiful.  It's 66 degrees now and only went up to 72.  Just gorgeous.  Especially when I think of my sons family in N.Y. experiencing a high of 27 degrees.
I rushed out to the porch and just in time to get a couple of quick shots before it faded away.  I took deep breaths looking at, suddenly realizing how fleeting it was, never to be seen again.  Just looking at it made me relax and think about how every day is unique with it's own special blessings.  All we have to do is look for them.  The photo below is the reflection of the sunset on the water.
Neil called some friends today to thank them or just check on them and it made me smile to see him doing something for himself and reaching it just to say hey.  Then he went outside to measure the cottage to see what he needed to build some shelves and get it organize again.  I smiled!  I don't know if I mentioned it but he's lost about 40 lbs in the last couple of months.    Oh' and last night we went for a walk together and it was so relaxing.  Laughing and talking, I loved it.

Yeah, I know, I was blessed.  
Did you notice something beautiful in day?  I'd love to know.


  1. Beautiful photos, Tracy! I have to agree with you about Florida this time of year. It's the absolute BEST! I'm really not one for the oppressive summer heat (I know. Crazy considering we live here), but like that we're able to pack up our camper and move in and out of the heat now. I love that we have cool, but not freezing nights for sleep, and the moderate and dry weather during the day. I think you description of your day shows it really was a blessing.

    Hugs from "south".

  2. What beautiful pictures and post! So blessed we are indeed! So glad you've had a wonderful time with Neil as you walked and talked and you smiled! Nothing no sweeter than to share some time with the one you love. I've been blessed today as well. Souls were saved for the Kingdom this morning at church, my family to share Sunday dinner and a peace within my soul. Love you friend. Be blessed. Cindy

  3. Tracy, I am so glad Neil is doing better. Things won't be the same but they will be good. You and he sound like you have a special bond and that will provide what is needed.
    Your pictures are awesome. When God does something it is good and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    My something beautiful today is the little Daschund in my lap. He is my son's and we are puppy sitting. He is not a puppy actually an old man but he likes his grandma's lap. One of God's creatures.
    Love to you and Neil,