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Monday, January 16, 2012

Kindness is Gods Gift for You to Share

Sometimes we get so busy in our lives we forget how much we matter to other people. 

We sometimes think "my comment won't matter" or perhaps it's a simple as thinking "There are so many other people around, I won't be missed".  Well I'm here to remind you, that it's just not true.  Each and every person matters.  Each and every act of kindness matters.  No matter how big or small, a gentle word, a gentle touch, sometimes it's even as simple as a smile.  It can change someones whole day.   That's also how we spread the love of God.  

GOD shines through in those simple or extraordinary things we do.  Your kindness may be what makes someone ask what is that special something that you possess and then cause them to think more about Christ's love.

I got a little off track but what I mean to say is, all the kindness we've received from you never went un-noticed.  It touched our hearts and gave us strength in our time of need.  And I still feel that love today.  It's given me the peace and comfort to get up and get started again.

Speaking of which...........
I'm totally backed up and didn't get nearly what I wanted done today but I did get some things done, so that is as my friend Kate said "steps forward".  Can you believe I still have 2 full size, overloaded Christmas trees to take down, yikes!!!!  I've got reviews to post and GIVEAWAYS to post and most of all friends to visit in blogland and say thank you too.

Anyway next time you doubt that you matter, take it from me......YOU DO!!!


  1. Peace be with you, Tracy! We're not going anywhere, so just breathe. :)
    xo Heidi

  2. you're too sweet & this is a great encouragement and reminder! I just had to share it on FB! Thanks for posting <3<3<3