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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Comtemplating Motherhood In the Quiet of the Morning

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It's early for me, before 9am.  We're late sleepers, night workers here at home.  I haven't had much trouble sleeping this week until last night.  I finally got up at 6:30, after only sleeping a few hours.  I'm waiting to call the funeral home to give the director some more information for the newspaper obituary.  I spent a long time last night pondering, writing, running it by Neil and rewriting, just the right words to add to the paper.  I'll share it with you later this week.  There is so much I could say about this awesome women.  So Southern and genteel. So tough as nails when it comes to caring for her family.  The picture above pretty much sums up Neil's mom to me.   The woman that I was lucky enough to think of as my own mother for many years.  The woman that told me she always wanted a daughter and finally got one with me.  I was so blessed to have known her and loved her and even more so to have her love me.  I thank our heavenly Father, that only 2 years after my own mothers death, he saw fit to provide me with another mother for the last 23 years.

On another note, I've changed my email password and hope that this has taken care of the email hacking issue.  I'm too afraid to email anyone.  Thank you all for understanding and letting me know if you had an issue with my email, which many of you did.  I will be emailing you soon.

Love and warm hugs...Tracy


  1. My prayers are still with all of you. Love to you and Neil, Ginger

  2. So sorry about your loss. God bless.

  3. Such sweet words your wrote about her! One could only hope to have such wonderful things said about them. Hope you guys are making it through.

  4. What a blessing! Praying for continued peace!