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Saturday, March 22, 2014

NEW Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Giveaway

What do you do over and over every day?  If you guessed washing your hands you'd be right.  With all that washing going on, don't your hands and your senses deserve a little something special.  Dial thinks so.

I love the way the Purex Insiders package the products they send me.  I know right away what it's going to be without even opening the box.  The summer colors got me excited to rip it open.  I'm a real fan of liquid soap and look forward to trying the newest and latest!  And we all know how I feel about smell.  Love a pretty scent!
With outdoor projects like the one above, we're going to be need a good hand soap. That's a whole lot of dirt to spread and the projects don't stop there.

Dial's newest hand soap has gentle micro-scrubbers to get those hands clean.  Right away you know this soap is something special, a premium soap.  Just take a look at how thick this it is. Nothing like the thin, runny hand soap you usually see.  Then there are those little scrubbing beads to really clean the grime from your hands.
I don't have time to fool with frou-frou soaps that don't clean at this time of year.  I need a product that's going to scrub my hands clean, but with all that work and all that washing, hands can dry out fast.  I want something gentle too.  Dials NEW Deep Cleansing Hand Soap has taken that into consideration too.  Those guys are pretty smart over there, they've added moisturizers too. Way to go Dial!!
I found these scents in my local Publix Supermarket and with the coupon attached you an even save a little moolah. :)
Besides the NEW Deep Cleansing Hand Soap you'll find a whole array of Dial choices like the anti bacterial formula above.
New Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap is the latest soap in the Dial Brand.  These premium soaps feature vibrant scents, a gentle micro-scrubber formula that smoothes and moisturizes the skin, and a completely new design that adds personal style to your home.

They come in 3 vibrant scents that excite and inspire:

  • Water Blossoms invigorates with a crisp floral scent inspired by aquatic botanicals.
  • Yellow Raspberry and Black Sugar refreshes your senses with a tart and rich sweetness.
  • Coconut Lime Verbena brightens your day with juicy and tangy citrus.

You can learn more about Dial on the sites below:

My thoughts:

I received the Coconut Lime Verbena and the Yellow Raspberry and Black Sugar scents both of which I like, but I was really hoping for the Water Blossoms, guess I'll be buying that one next.  It just looks and sounds more like my kind of scent.  

I've put one in my kitchen where we do a lot of hand washing and the other in our half bath.  Both scents have put me in the mood for sunshine and summer.  Plus I just think the vibrant colors are exciting and pretty.  

But I'm not the only one who lives in this house, there's a guy here too.  Neil doesn't want a girly perfume scent and I don't blame him.  Again the Dial people were covering all the bases because these scents are gender friendly.  Plus Neil can appreciate the micro-scrubbers.  He's a bar soap kinda guy and I hate having a dirty bar of soap laying around, especially in the front bathroom.  Now we're both happy!! This is the perfect family soap.

Bet you'd like to win your own Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap,  right?  Well you're in luck, Dial and I are giving away a FREE coupon to 3 lucky Cotton Pickin Cute readers.

How you can enter:

Giveaway ends 3/26 at 5PM.  It's simple just follow the easy instructions on the Giveaway Tools Form below.  *Remember you must complete the mandatory entry for all your entries to count.
Hugs Y'all...
"I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart.  And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give.  So don't be troubled or afraid.
                                                    ~ John 14:27


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  2. I prefer liquid soap for hand cleansing, much more sanitary!
    Jennifer Rogers

  3. I prefer liquid.

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  9. liquid for hands but bar soap in the shower

  10. I use both liquid is great for all those times during the day you wash your hands.
    theresa n

  11. We are definitely a liquid soap family. It is less messy and I feel that it is more sanitary. 

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