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Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Want Him So Bad...

I just fell in love...
Isn't he fabulous!!!  I want him so bad.  Come to me Wet Dog Tile and make my me swoon each time I walk into my kitchen too.
Take me away in daydreams everytime I look at you.
There are lots of murals to choose from.
So many ideas for using you.
For all you non-beach lovers, he's got brothers.  I love the colors in this fish.  I'm crushing on him too.  I look at these guys and see friends like Julie at Mamawj's Moment Away and her grandson Gage.  I know they would love him as much as I do.
You make me want to come home Wet Dog.
This backsplash made me think of my friend Deb at Dragonfly Treasure.
A New England seashore border if I've ever seen one.

There are so many more to choose from.  There are mermaids, crabs and lobster, sea turtles, moose and fall leaves.  Lots of naturalistic style tiles.

I love this company's name almost as much as I love their tiles. "Wet Dog Tile Co."  So cool!

Here's what I found out about them as I was drooling like a Wet Dog.  
Wet Dog Tile Co. offers a diverse collection of individual tile pieces, called “Friends”, as well as one-of-a-kind borders and murals that can easily be customized. Creating these beautiful and unique tiles is not our only passion here at Wet Dog. We believe all dogs deserve happy and loving homes, so a portion of every Wet Dog sale is donated to local and national rescue organizations.

  1. Partnering with local shelters and also the Great Dog Rescue of New England, a portion of all Wet Dog's proceeds are donated to help rescue animals from abuse and neglect as well as the so called, "Death Row" of  high kill shelters in the south.  Through these organizations animals are offered a second chance in finding a happy and nurturing, and hopefully forever home.  When you purchase a tile, every piece from its hand carved mold to its finely articulated hand glazing is being crafted for the dual purposes of creating a long lasting, one of a kind, functional work of art for your personal and public space, but is also easing or eliminating the suffering of a most deserving animal.

Hey check that out!  I didn't even know they were a New England company when I said their tile reminded me of a New England seashore!  I was right on the money.  It's good to read the fine print.  I started sharing because I love the beauty of their product, only to find out they have a beautiful heart too.  No wonder Wet Dog Tile stole mine.

*By the way I didn't receive any compensation for this post.  I solely wrote it after stumbling upon a picture and becoming enamored with them.  You know I couldn't keep him to myself. :)

As for me I just like the simple beach shore the best.  He captured my heart and now I can't get him out of my head!
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Hugs Y'all...

Again the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was thrown into the sea and gathered fish of every kind.
                                                                         ~Matthew 13:47



  1. Oh my goodness Tracy! I am drooling too. I love all these themes. I've never heard of "Wet Dog" but their cause is very dear to my heart. We adopted our Border Collie from a rescue. Thanks for the information I will certainly check out their website.


    1. I know Willa, I like the lake side look as much as the beach look. Oh, I really should have a vacation place. ha. The also have cute dog paw tiles. We adopted one of our cats and our old dog, who's no longer with us from the rescue. Best dog ever!

  2. Oh wow! how lovely those are! So simple but buts such a big statement & they calm you just to view them. I will come back tonight when time allows better & view there site. Thanks for sharing this one Tracy :) BTW bestie once you add in the google+ feature here on your blog, it will let us or even you, tag them in any post comment so they see you shared there web site etc. Plus features for you later if they want to work with you :) TTYL

    1. Thanks Julie. I knew you would like these. :)

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  4. That is really awesome tile! Reminds me of a warmer place that we could use right now!!! Love your blog design, by the way, too. :)

  5. OK My key board is totally wet, I drooling like a Wet Dog too!! Love those Dragonflies! and all the rest too! Dragonflies in the kitchen, Walk on the Beach (gotta add a Mermaid tho) mural on the whole wall opposite the mirror in the guest beach bath, Free Bird in my bath ( just finished a pattern on my bedroom floor of Dandelion seeds that turn into birds - the whole learning to 'fly free' theme re. my life), OH and the floors!! So many creative designs.....Sure wish my money tree hadn't died :( Love that proceeds are donated, what great inspiration. Thanks for stumbling upon it and sharing!! My mind is spinning! Dangerous thing ;)

  6. A very unique and custom look! Plus I like the Wet Dog name and the cause too!

  7. It`s nice you gave credit Wet Dog Tiles for their work but, honestly, almost every mosaic artist will do similar. You just need to specify as much as you can so artist will do for you what you want