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Monday, January 20, 2014

Cozy Winter Sweater Pillow Tutorial

Have you ever had a sweater that you couldn't bear to part with, but it really wasn't wear worthy any more?  That's exactly why I have a new winter pillow in a pretty soft blue.
Here's a picture of me wearing the sweater years ago when it was new.
I love the little pleats and it was so soft and super warm.  This sweater is the only piece of clothing I've ever bought in that soft blue shade.  I've held on to it till way past it's prime.  I picked it up the other day and was just about to take the buttons off and throw it in the trash can, when I said let me give it one more chance.
Looking at it now, I'm so glad I did.  It reminds me of a snowy day. The lovely pink and blue heart ornament was gifted to me by a sweet friend when I first started blogging.

You can make one of these pillows too.  It literally took me 30 minutes to make.  Here's the steps:
  • Lay the sweater flat and cut the sleeves off, leaving a somewhat square piece of fabric.
  • Guesstimate, yes that's a special word, how big you want your pillow to be, then cut. If the sweater's not to big you already have your side seams and will just need to stitch across the top and bottom.
  • Remember to leave an opening at the bottom so you can insert a pillow form or just use loose stuffing like I did.  I stuffed mine with leftover scrapes of the sweater and a couple of tee-shirts I was throwing away.
  • I used one of the sleeves to make a ruffle.  Cut the sleeve right up the seam.  Cut 2 strips about 2" wide.  Make one seam by sewing the 2 lengths together at one end.  You can see the seam below.
  • Using a basting stitch (a long stitch) on your machine sew right down the center length.
  • Pull the basting thread to gather up into a ruffle to the length of your pillow.  Tie of the end of the stitches to secure.  I didn't even take time to permanent stick the gather.
  • Pin the ruffle to the desired area on your pillow and hand tack with thread.
  • Sit back and admire your new pillow while thinking about the wartime slogan your grandmothers used during WWII. "Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without".  I bet my grandmothers are smiling down on me right now.
You hear me preach this all the time, but I want to people to know that you don't have to have to spend $50 on a new pillow to be able to freshen up your decor. Not that I don't like to buy beautiful things.  But I see so many women depressed because they don't have money to spruce up their homes.

There is always a way that you can do something to brighten up your space. Wrap a pillow in a pretty scarf if you can't sew. Just change something to lift your mood when your feeling blue.  You'll be surprised how much better it can make you feel by just making a change.

Hugs Y'all...
She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.
                                                          ~Proverbs 31:27


  1. Tracy, that whipped up into a gorgeous pillow, the ruffle is a great touch. I'm happy to see light blue in the current trend of home decor, it's one of my favorite colors.

    I've been hanging onto some old sweater, some from my daughter as well. I've seen lots of tutorials for making them into mittens, scarves, hats, and more on Pinterest. Now pillows! Great idea.

    You look good in blue.


    1. Thanks Sweetie. Be sure and let me know if you make one. I'd love to see it.

  2. What an awesome project, Traci! It's cozy, adorable, and ready for some more love. :) Hope you are well, my friend -- Happy New Year to you!
    xo Heidi

    1. Hey Heidi! It's so good to have you stop by. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year to you as well. Hugs....

  3. I love this! Not sure I could make the ruffle but I can definitely make the cover. Sure beats paying Pottery Barn prices! Thanks for the inspiration. xoKathleen

    1. Hi Kathleen, even the ruffle is so easy, hence I made it. :) You could too. I drool over PB and then try to find a way to come close. Hope you stop in again soon.

  4. Tracy, this is so pretty and it certainly looked pretty on you. I know you grandmothers are proud, I know I am.
    I just love what you did but I have one question. Did you serge the edges of the ruffle and if not will the edges ravel? Your's look so tight. I really think I can do this but I would worry about the raveling.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful project.

    1. Hey sweet Ginger, love having you visit. Thank you for your always kind and encouraging words. Ginger, I just cut the ruffle strips right up the lines and there was no unraveling. Can you believe that? I expected it to and thought this won't work but it was like magic, so I didn't have to do a thing except the basting stitch. Hope you and Bob are keeping warm in this roller coaster weather. OX's to you!

  5. Thanks Felicia. It really was easy to do. Hope you're warm in your next of the woods this weekend.

  6. love it! It looks perfect too for a beach setting theme & you could stitch fabric patches on it with that theme. love the ruffle :)

    1. Thanks Hon! I know you whip up stuff like this all the time.