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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Luster Premium White Review

Being a part of BzzAgent, I get to try some of the newest  products available.  That's right up my alley.  I love trying new things.  This time I decided to share this review with Neil.  So he's taking over on Cotton Pickin Cute today and will be our review expert for Luster Premium White - 1 Hour White today.  I had to pull a few teeth (I couldn't resist the pun) to get him to post pictures.
Hi everyone, I'm Neil and and I'd like to share my thoughts on the Luster Whitening System, in my first review today.

Every time we see the whitening products in the store, we stop to look but never buy.  I've had my doubts about whether they would really work. Finally, I get to find out first hand.  I'll start with a before pic.

Here's a few facts from the Luster pamphlet:

  • The Luster 1 Hour White system is the only whitening product that offers the same light activating technology as your dentist.
  • Whiten on your schedule - they guarantee that you'll start seeing results in as little as 30 minutes.  That's 2X faster than strips. 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.  If you're not satisfied, they will refund the price of your purchase.
Sounds good to me.  Let's put it to the test.

The package includes:
  1. Accelerator Mouth Rinse
  2. Super Whitener Gel
  3. Activating Whitening Light - with 4 AAA batteries included
The instructions are simple.  3 Easy Steps.
  1. Rinse with Accelerator Mouth Rinse
  2. Brush each tooth with Super Whitener Gel
  3. Apply Activating Whitening Light for 2 Minutes
You can repeat steps 1-3 up to one hour for a beautiful, whiter smile.

Here's the after photo.
This was after doing 15 - 2 minute treatments over 2 days.  You can do this up to 20X's.  So that gives me 5 more treatments to go.

It did a better job than I thought it would and  I wouldn't hesitate to buy it myself or recommend it to friends.  

I'm really impressed by how much whiter they are and how much cleaner they look in general.  During the first 10 treatments I didn't experience any sensitivity but during the last 5 my teeth started feeling slightly sensitive.  Would it stop me from using it again.  No way,  it wasn't that bad and the results were totally worth it.  It's recommended that you should perform 5 treatments every 2-3 months.  I will.

Let's take a look at one more before and after picture together.
This is after only 15 of the 20 suggested treatments.

Disclosure: I received this product from BzzAgent to review.  All opinions are our own and not influenced in any way.

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