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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jockey Chose Us As The Coolest Couple

Okay so maybe they didn't choose us as "The Coolest Couple".  Last month we were asked to become one of the "Coolest Couples and give the Jockey's Stay Cool Underwear a try.

I wish I could say that was us in the picture to the left but I won't even try that.  And don't worry we're not going to make you look at a picture of us in our undies either.  We are going to tell you what we thought of their new stay cool line. 
Lets get personal.

Summer cranks up and the heat and it gets pretty uncomfortable.  This Southern Belle doesn't glisten ~ I sweat!  Just bein' honest. I'll do just about anything to stay cool.  Sundress's are a favorite because they let the breeze through and keep the heat down.  Shorts are a must and pants will rarely been seen until after October here.

As part of Jockey’s mission to help people stay cool this summer, they've asked their Jockey Inner Circle members to review their really cool underwear.

Jockey Staycool underwear is the only underwear that uses technology originally developed for NASA  to help your skin feel up to 3 degrees cooler.  How cool is that?

My opinion:

  • I was a little skeptical at first.  I was expecting a good fit because I already wear and like Jockey.  As far as cooling up to 3 degrees, well I wasn't so sure that I would even notice that.  ~  Surprise...I did!  I came home after wearing them out one afternoon and no damp feeling wetness that I sometimes notice.  By the way, it was 96 degrees on my way home at after 8pm,  that would make anyone feel hot and glisteny (not a real word) down there.
  • The fit was great too.  Mine were black and have a really nice hug to them.  No climbing or bunching for me. I hate panties that climb up my cheeks.
Neil's Opinion:

  • Wearing the Boxer Briefs was a first for Neil.  He normally chooses briefs for the day and boxes at bedtime.  He agreed that they did feel a little cooler and he didn't get the normal stickiness between the legs.  He also thought the material was comfortable.
  • What he didn't like was the extra material on his legs that you get when you where boxer briefs.  Maybe it's a hot Florida thing.  He also said the fabric banding of the legs climbed a little and that wasn't very comfortable.
  • He does want a pair briefs out of this fabric.  He would also like a pair that has a matching waist band rather than the underwear having 2 colors.
Our combined Thoughts:

For me it was 2 thumbs up!
  A win-win all the way around.
With Neil it was a split decision.  Loved the cooler fabric.  Loved the texture of the fabric but not for briefs which made them climb.  He also thought that a smaller size might have solved that problem.  Being the first time he wore boxer briefs he ordered his regular brief size.  So when fall gets here he may buy some and give them another try in a smaller size.

■All-in-all, I love the new Jockey Staycool collection and I'm sure I will be replenishing my pantie drawer with them.

Would you like to try them for yourself?

■I have 5 coupon codes (25% OFF Jockey® staycool styles + free shipping) to share with my readers.  If you'd like one just leave me a comment below telling me why you would like to try them.  The first 5 readers to respond will get a coupon code.

To learn more about the Jockey® staycool collection, please visit: http://www.jockey.com/staycool.

Disclosure:  This blog is written and edited by me.  Jockey sent me the Staycool clothing to review but all opinions reflected are always my own honest and truthful thoughts.

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