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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Adora CHOCOLATE Calcium Supplement Review and Giveaway

My cousin Greg, (yep the one you’ve heard me mention so often), just asked me the other day if I took calcium supplements. When I said no, he was so shocked. REALLY!

I know you’re thinking why in the world would your male cousin be asking that question. Greg knows a lot about osteoporosis because his mother, my Aunt Nita had it, along with 10 million other Americans ~ both men and women, mostly women but men can suffer from it too.

My sweet Aunt suffered from many broken bones and Greg’s comments got me thinking about my own bones. That’s why I'm so happy to get the chance to review Adora Calcium Supplements.

Did you know that by the time we reach our 30’s, we naturally stop building bone mass and start losing it. I’ve never been a big milk drinker, just with the occasional chocolate chip cookie or bowl of cereal. Well that's no way enough to meet the recommended daily calcium intake. See the chart below:
Calcium & Vitamin D Requirements By Age*
  Age         Calcium mg/day     Vitamin D IU/day
4-8              800                  200

9-18             1300                 200

19-50            1000                 200

51-70            1200                 400

70+              1200                 600

Adequate calcium intake plays a vital role in all stages of a female's life. Adora Calcium is a great way for women and girls of all ages to meet their calcium and vitamin D requirements.

My Thoughts:

I really don’t like swallowing pills, does anyone? I have an even harder time swallowing thick liquids. But I have never had trouble eating chocolate. You might already know that if you read this blog. That’s where Adora comes in. They’ve solved all my problems and best of all made it a NOT so guilty pleasure. Now I don’t have to worry about that chocolate craving because it’s a good thing when it’s combined with my calcium supplement. Yea!!!

I'm mean it when I say this is good.  It taste like a treat,  it's not like a medicine tasting chocolate. It doesn't have a chalky taste.  It's good!
Adora® Calcium Supplement is the most delicious way to get the calcium you need every day. Each disk provides 50% of your Daily Value of calcium with vitamin D3 and magnesium for optimal absorption. Crave Your Calcium!

Quick Facts about Adora®
• Antioxidants from all-natural premium chocolate

• Available in milk and dark chocolate

• Only 30 calories to support weight loss goals

• Gluten free

• High quality USP-grade calcium carbonate, vitamin D3, and magnesium

• A smooth, easy to digest consistency

• No artificial sweeteners

• Stringent manufacturing process regulated by the FDA

• MSRP: $7.99 - $9.99

• For complete nutritional information, click here.
Adora® supplements contains milk.
Adora® supplements are processed on equipment that processes tree nuts.

You can find Adora here:

 Don’t want to wait to win my giveaway? You can buy them here:
Available at Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and other national retailers.
One Lucky Cotton Pickin Cute winner will receive 2 packages of Adora Calcium Supplements.
This giveaway is open to residents in US; 18+. Winner will have 48 hours to confirm before a forfeit is assumed. Giveaway ends - August 20, 2012 @ 12:01PM (EST).
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  1. Just 30 calories to support weight loss goals

  2. No chalky taste/texture-that's great!

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  4. I used to be so good about taking my supplements including calcium and Vit D...kinda went off the wagon when...well ya know. Maybe this chocolate will help me get back on!

    MMMMMM You had me at Chocolate! Great texture helps too ;)

  5. Adora Calcium supplements also contain 40 mg of magnesium!

  6. I learned they contain 40 mg of magnesium too

  7. 40 mg of mag mamotts

  8. They do not have gluten, artificial sweeteners, or lactose (dark chocolate).

    twinkle at optonline dot net

  9. Adora Calcium supplements also contain 40 mg of magnesium