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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do You Ever Feel Like When It Rains It Pours?

I've decided to take a decidedly positive tone with my blog.  Well - I guess that that may have to start tomorrow.

Do you ever have that feeling?  You know the one I'm talking about.  The, when it rains it pours feeling.  That's the way I'm feeling tonight.

We just received a not totally unexpected phone call about someone we love.  One of Neil's closest friends father died.  He was more than just Neil's friends father though.   I was working for Fred and his wife Madeline when I met Neil.  Neil came by to see Fred, well maybe me - the new girl, when Madeline did a little match making.  (Thank you Madeline).   Fred and Madeline were the sweetest older couple.  It hadn't been long since my own parents had passed away and they made me feel a little protected, even if it was in my own mind.  Madeline passed away a several  years ago.

Fred had one of his longs removed a year or so ago and seemed to be doing well.  Then his other long collapsed the same week mom passed.  His daughter Linda has been involved with Hospice for years.  She was so good to us.  Even though she'd been at the hospital with her own dad constantly she left him to be with us when we met with Dr's about the next move to make with mom.  Then she met us again the next day to be when her life support was removed.  I don't think I could ever repay her for the strength and comfort she provided.

The last time we saw Fred was when we left mom after she passed away.  We went to the other hospital to see visit him.  He looked so good you never would have know how close he was to the end of his earthly life.  I'm so glad we got to see him smile, to hug him and to say I love you.

A half an hour before that phone call I received a call from my sister in Texas.  She was at the hospital.  My 16 year old nephew was being admitted for a few days for test.   He'll be okay but he still could use prayers.  I can't help but cry, I worry about him and want the best for his life.

The night before last my son called.  His wife's17 year old nephew was in a head on collision with a school bus.  He was driving himself and a friend home from wrestling practice in upstate N.Y. when his car lost control on the icy roads when coming around a curve.  They had to cut the roof of the car off to get him out.  He's alive - Thank you God!  He got very banged up but was released from the hospital today.

After a day of calling moms Blue Cross Blue Shield provider, social security and the court house, and seeing Neil not want to get up and face the day I'm starting to really feel worn out tonight.  I don't feel like I've done much but I think emotionally maybe I'm a little more worn than I thought.  The tears keep wanting to come.  Having 8 huge plastic storage bins scattered around my living room with Christmas ornaments strewn about isn't helping.  But I did get one tree down and in the shed.  Once these ornaments get put away I can take the other one down - Oh' Joy!

The important point here is that even though today might not go like we planned ~ by the grace of God we get another chance tomorrow.
Even though I feel like there's going to be a rain shower of tears any minute I can't help but smile.  Because I know tonight there's another amazing reunion going on.  Madeline was waiting for Fred and they are having their having a long awaited dance in the rain.  I bet it's at the same dance with Neil's mom and Dad.

(If you see a ton of mistakes just overlook them, I'm too tired for editing -lol)


  1. Dear Tracy, you know they say, when it rains, it pours & I think You need some time to pour some more tears, nothing worse than bottling them up, like you're trying to bottle or rather box up the ornaments..... I can almost picture Fred & Madeline dancing up a storm with Nadine & her Hubby.... We cry for the loss, they Dance for the Celebration!
    Wishing you some rest & relaxation in the very near future for You & Neil~

    Your Nephew is in My Prayers~

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  3. oh, keep the faith, sweet friend... prayers for peace and light in your world today.
    xo Heidi

  4. Massive hugs to you, everything really does happen at once, doesn't it. From here on you are definitely owed some happy news--hoping that the next time the phone rings, it will be something to make you smile!

  5. Do you ever feel like all of your problems seem to come at the same time?