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Sunday, June 19, 2011

UPDATED Sunday Giveaway Linky List

***This is an updated post.  Due to a glitch this morning I removed the original post corrected the links and re-repost.  Yes, it was due to operator error.  OOPS!

Are you ready for your Sunday Giveaways Linky List?  Well here you go.  Now go on and hop, skip or jump to these links and you'll find something you want to enter.  BUT PLEASE,  come back and tell me what you win.  I love to hear about them and even share them with everyone else.

First, thank you to all my new followers.  I'm so happy to have you following along with me as I share all the things I think are Cotton Pickin Cute.  Ya'll have been so great about spreading the word and I'm so excited about the amount of new readers. 

*** Please don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't yet.  Here's the link:

    #1 - A Blog of Goodies

    #2 -  The Freebie Blog

    #3 - Minnesota Mama's Must Haves and Sugar Pop Ribbons

     #4 - The Thrifty Mama

    #5 - The Mommy Files

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